DEAD !……Completely lifeless.

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  1. Morning to the knowledgeable, yesterday I started to re-commission my crew cab. Here’s what I have done so far:-
    Removed spark plugs cleaned and set.
    Put shot of penetrating fluid down each cylinder and re-fitted plugs.
    Selected 1st gear and pushed forwards (very difficult,but managed about 4 ft) so engine is free !
    Fitted a charged battery.
    Obviously now in neutral turned ignition, lights appeared on dashboard and commenced to start.
    At this point I heard a thud the dashboard lights went out , tried to turn ignition back on and nothing , no lights on dash everything dead !
    Must ad at no point did the engine attempt to fire or the electric fuel pump engaged.

    Could anybody shed any light on what may be the problem…. Cheers.
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  3. Zed

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    Battery went pop? I "exploded" one once, but the reality was a dull thump and it cracked.
    You'd have had easier time pushing it with the plugs out, but why that and penetrating fluid? Was it seized?
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  4. Morning , I only did the seized test just to check no real reason as it has been stood for 2 1/2 yrs…….
    The battery was new 3+ yrs ago and has been stored inside with an occasional trickle charge.
    Is there a simple way to test the battery ?
  5. I’ll check them….
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  6. Chrisd

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    Just wondering, did the 'thud' come from the dashboard area or from the engine end?
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  7. As I recall it came from behind me .
  8. My starter used to jam and I had to rock the bus in gear to free it - it had similar symptoms to yours - wasn't the "flag bus" yours too.
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  9. Correct me if I'm wore but there isn't a fuse on the starter circuit is there?
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    I’d start by checking out your battery, I’ve never ever seen one go pop but I’ve heard of it from various sources and once more ^^^ then the terminals and connections to it, then if no obvious faux parrrrs and there’s juice to the starter I’d try a screwdriver test to see if the juice is getting to the solenoid with some assistance. MY money is on the solenoids having a bit of a hissy fit and the earths not coping so I’d have the jump leads out too.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,work of aliens,,, these lecker tricks :)
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    I wouldn’t call you a ‘Wore’ no no never.

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    If there are no electrical items working eg hazard flashers then I would suspect that the battery has destroyed itself or a battery cable has become damaged/disconnected somehow. If you have some lights then maybe the starter motor or solenoid has jammed or failed. Take the plugs out and try pushing the bus(in neutral) to see if anything had jammed.
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    Sounds to me like either the battery isn't fully charged or there's a duff connection. Check the earth cable from the battery to where it bolts to the body. Also check and clean the connections on the gearbox earth strap.
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    Electric fuel pump seized and knocked something out?
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    Check the battery clamps are on properly.
    A bad connection can provide enough current to light the dashboard, but blow away the lead metal from the battery post when you try to start it.

    Been there, done it on a boat on a lake in Ireland had to row back to get a spanner.. Engine had been serviced, boatyard just dropped the battery clamp back onto battery terminal.

    Remove, clean etc.

    Or a wire has rotted off the starter motor battery stud and the last wisps of wire just went up in smoke.
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  16. Yes I use to own the flag bus, wish I still had it….covid and uncertainty of my business forced a sale ! :(
  17. I will check :thumbsup:
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  18. I’ll try that
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  19. Thanks for all the advice I’ll try all of the above and get back to you all….
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  20. Remove earth from battery, get under and undo the nut where the battery cable connects to starter. Remove it and give it a clean. Clean the other terminals while there. I reckon the starter engaged then when under load lost contact due to corrosion on terminals. Reconnect and try again.
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