Dinitrol 3125, Dynax S50 or Anker wax. Lest we forget Waxoyl????

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by nigelcp, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. i use COMA WAX pours straight from can and flows lovely
  2. i use schultz gun £9
  3. Exactly, the problem is because your technically spraying it blind into sills, channels etc it is a little hit and miss.

    I think I am going to stump up the money though and buy one.
  4. How many dynex s50 cans will be needed to do the underside and cavaties..?. So I can work out costs and compare.
  5. I used 1 can when i replaced both sides of the sills, inner/outer
  6. Hi do you have a discount code we can use when buying from your website?
  7. Hey para if you look at their profile they haven't been on the site since 2016 I'd have thought that probably won't get a response to your request on here.

    If you do get a code then do let us know but you'll probably have to phone or email them.
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  8. Yeah I realise it's been a while
    I thought I'd ask as they may get a notification and reply
  9. yes perhaps but if they are like me then they'll have switched that facility off. I do need some more for this winter as well.
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  10. Bilt Hamber S50 now in use here. A huge improvement over Waxoyl, much easier to apply, and gives a more even coating.

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