does anyone on here go wild camping?

Discussion in 'Wild Camping' started by olive-bay, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Oh yes wild camping is the way forward. We went away every weekend (literally every weekend) last summer and only two times did we stay on a campsite. Rest of the time we wild camped. The only reason we went to a campsite those times was becasue we had people with tents with us.

    Never been asked to move on or had any trouble ever. Also when you want a shower just hit the local sports centre and they only charge you £2-£3 for a shower :)
  4. Wild camping = nowhere to take a dump so that's me out. A mate has a big 6 berth motor home with bog and shower etc and he goes to the new forest and to Wales. But as he is self sufficient so can park up anywhere.
    I don't think car parks or seafronts count as wild camping? Knowing my luck I would find a nice quiet spot only to find its where the doggers go!
    Camp site all the way for me
  6. That's the only kind of camping I know of, I use camp sites only if I really, really have to for some reason like if I don't feel safe anywhere else, but that's rare.

    I know UK is big on caravans and camping, but I don't really see the point of paying 10 - 40 eur a night for a piece of grass surrounded by grumpy old people and their screaming children.

    If you need a toilet, go for coffee in the morning and use the restroom, lakes, rivers and beach showers work better than those bacteria infested shower booths. Don't see the need for electricity either, I don't watch tv at home, why would i do any different on holiday.
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    jobs a gooden
  9. I Wild camp a fair bit

    Camp is normally based around a tarp a goretex bivvy bag and a hobo stove
  10. Theres loads of places to take a dump.
    All you need is toilet paper :thumbsup:
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  16. We need a "Dave was ere!!" Flag just to prewarn us doggy poop scoopers!!! ;) ;)
  17. Just dont pick anything up that needs a shovel and a bin bag :thumbsup:
  18. after the Spam it needed all of the above!!! :eek: :eek:
  19. I lived in a 2 man tent in Holland for 4 months - that was quite wild

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