Elm Cottage. Winsford Cheshire

Discussion in 'Cheshire' started by Starryboy, May 30, 2013.

  1. Im off to winsford for a nice long weekend tomorrow. Cant wait.

    Wave - toot if you see my orange van pootling up the M6 to junction 18
  2. are you back yet ,what was it like ?
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  3. Yeah post a review.
  4. Ah sorry guys. Yes we is long back.

    Site is well recommended. Very quiet and very well looked after little site. They have a small area with hard standings and grass for caravans n motorhomes and then a big rally field which we stayed in. Loads of elec hook ups.

    All the usual facilities EHU waters and waste. Take away van.

    They even had an area with a load of owls in. Some lovely creatures.

    It's a great place for families but there isn't much beyond the site. You can use it as a base.

    Overall a very well kept clean place. Defo go there again.
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