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Discussion in 'Isle Of Wight' started by busloverkent, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. good one - just booked up got 2 nights next weekend plus the ferry for only £51!!
  2. Wow that is a good deal. Glad I have been of use!
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  3. Sorry I missed this one !!!!! ???? If you have any issues while you are here give me a shout :)
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  4. Absolutely saved me a fortune! Hope it doesn't rain!! Thanks all
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  5. Thanks Mick I will be at Lower Hyde if you can be ready for when i break down / catch fire / seize / won't start / etc etc
  6. I am 2 miles from Lower Hyde, have a recovery truck, no fire extinguisher, oil, jump leads etc etc :)
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  7. @3901mick is a top bloke, he helped me out when I had major clutch issues on the Isle of Wight last summer! :)
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  8. such a great forum
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  9. yes he has a nice figure too does mick :D
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  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I'm going next week, fri to tue on wight link Portsmouth to fishbourne for £80 rtn. The red funnel Southampton to cowes was cheaper but I didn't get round to booking it and the prices got more similar. My friends live near fishbourne so I decided to go on that one :)
  11. Louey

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    Resurecting this thread as I've just booked to go over in August :)

    Easiest way to get cheaper (not cheap imo) fares is to either book via your accomodation on the Isle,or get a discount code from the C&CC (or similar). I've just paid £115 return Southampton to Cowes (3 adults and a cat) - almost half price. remember my van is bigger than a Bay too so you might get it even cheaper. Staying at a friend's place www.campwight.co.uk

    It has certainly gone up in the last few years. I paid £60 about 6 years ago for the same journey.
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  12. I went to Yarmouth on Tuesday ... tied up to a buoy outside, stayed the night.
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  13. Just a word of advise about the Dartmouth 'Upper ferry'.
    I had a bad experience with them last week, after my wife's card was 'rejected' by the hand held terminal used by the ticket vendor. I got mine out and it worked fine. ( same account) .
    Subsequently I checked my bank account and found we had been charged twice.
    Considering its £6.70 for the 2 minute crossing, I find this outrageous, and feel very happy to spread the word about the thieving barstewards.

    Keep well away from Dartmouth and that ferry.

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  14. Louey

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    No worries, should be able to avoid it on the Isle of Wight :p
  15. Thats because its twice the price to start with so they don't need to charge you twice.
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  16. Thanks for the tip ,it could be 20 years before I need to use it though

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