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  1. I'm not keen on corned beef...

    A bacon and baked bean
    sandwich rocks..:cool:
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  2. Ho horr good one What about Banana and sardine thick soup .
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  3. What about blue stilton as an add on ...not joking .
  4. Would work...:thumbsup:
    Love mature blue stilton...
    Nice spread on hot toast...:p
  5. Sounds very edible! Would that Sardines in tomato or chilly

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  6. Tuna , rice and Greek yogurt

    We know how to live in the saff you know

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  7. Chilly of coarse
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  8. Best ever, whole half stilton ....cut a hole out in the middle and top up with a good port and dip and eat , you will get carried away and spew .
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  9. I remember an interview with Cilla Black. She had a love of oxo cubes rubbed onto an jaffa,then ate the result. Turns my stomach.
    But i like pickled eggs with a pint
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  10. Agreed but best with English mustard.
  11. Always gone with cheddar, but as an insufferable diabetic (ask my wife), I’ll give Edam a try - ta, Phil
  12. I used to be brave when I put the same mix in sliced white, but I’ve grown old and wise now :hattip:
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  13. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    Cheese and Jam sandwiches :thumbsup:
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  14. Less fat in Edam than most cheeses ...i am also diabetic Type 1 .
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  15. That's a classic.
    Try "sirop de Liège" and "Fromage de Herve", Maroilles or camembert.:thumbsup:
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  16. Bournville biscuits dunked in a tin of cold rice.
  17. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    Usually prefer a strong cheddar but goats cheese works - might have to try camberet. We've got homemade Damson jam at the moment but as a kid it was always strawberry jamy. Works best on crusty white bread with butter.
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  18. Another odd at first thought, but nice when tried , is eggy bread or ( French Toast to some call it ) with a spread of marmalade on top Frank Coopers Oxford ...better still home made .
  19. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    No way

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