Fuel gauge problems.

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  1. ^^^ agreed, looks like a naff design that worked first time in the factory, then got worse over time. Glad I’ve got the long screws

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  2. Can I put the cat amongst the pigeons and categorically state I don't fit them...
    Just have the screws sitting in the plastic - will I die ??

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  3. :eek:
  4. It is a totally crap design. A push-fit pod would've been a much better idea. Makes you wonder how the hell they fitted them at the factory.

    However...I have a cunning plan...
  5. Yes.
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  6. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    My sequence is .. two longer screws on left hand clips.

    Remove right hand clips and screws completely, reaching round the back to hold each clip as it falls off the screw.
    Remove speedo cable.
    Remove heater levers.
    Loosen left hand screws a bit.
    Slide instrument pod right about 5cm or so.
    Reach behind left hand clips through the gap you have opened to catch them or rotate them while loosening the screws..
  7. The solution, if you've ever changed your indicator seals, drilled out the two rivets and replaced them with self-tappers. If you've got gangly arms like me, you can reach three of the dash pod mounting screws from behind through the 'ole. Bottom left might need the hazard switch removing for access.

    Great design, VW. Not.

    a indicator hole 6s.jpg
  8. mikedjames

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    Hope your indicator seals can cope with the disturbance. My brand new best quality indicators seals stuck to the front panel and shredded, and I had to replace the self tappers with rivnuts because the holes went round while trying to fix the seals..
  9. My seals were just fine, as were the holes. I'd suggest operator error/poor workmanship.
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  10. Same, looks the part and the speedo cable keeps it all dandy.
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  11. PIE


    I wonder how many of those dash clips are rattling around behind kick panels around the world!
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