Fuel tank padding

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by smeato, Dec 2, 2021.

  1. On refitting my fuel tank, should there be any padding underneath to protect against rubbing on the fuel tank shelf? I’ve got the horse-hair type strips to go between the straps and the tank but can’t remember if there was anything under the tank…
  2. There was a strip under mine, plus other bits where the supporting brackets are.


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  3. JamesLey

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    Yes you’ll want something under there to stop any rubbing. I used some neoprene sheet from EBay.

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  4. There’s a foam gasket that goes between the tank and the hole where the fuel outlet exits through the shelf.
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  5. Thanks for that guys, I’ll come up with something :thinking:
  6. Few strips of neoprene foan under the tank and around the oblong tank outlet hole.
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  7. I used bits of a old camping mat A yoga mat will probably be the same.
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  8. Zed

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    I would be inclined to use something more porous than the plethora of condensation trapping solutions recommended above... but that's just me. :)
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  9. Closed-cell neoprene is just fine ;)
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  10. I think whatever you use water will creep along gaps or through porous material..

    The original fitment just uses enough padding to stop vibration causing metal fretting rather than attempting sealing it off.

    After all when the filler hose falls off the tank the petrol pours safely out from round the fuel outlet hole...between the tank and the shelf..
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  11. I just used thin strips of cord carpet.:thumbsup:
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