Fuse Confusion

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  1. A handy way to identify fuses to tap into for, say, radio installation is to...look at the cover of the fuse box. I'd bet most folk don't realise that VW helpfully grouped and marked the transparent cover with the fuse functions, in Bosch/DIN-terminal-speak.

    1, 2: 58. Side, tail lights
    3, 4: 56b. Low beam
    5, 6: 56a. High beam
    7: "K" (accessory position, may not actually be linked across to 8, 9 at base of fusebox)
    8, 9: 30. Unswitched +12V
    10, 11, 12: 15. Ignition switched +12V

    Tap into the appropriate fuse at the top terminal.

    Cover shown for the fuses in a later Bay.

    a fusebox cover 6s.jpg

    Bosch terminals here, a lot of them still used on modern vehicles:

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    I've seen a lot of busses but none have ever had the cover on, rare bit of kit!
    Nice info though cheers.
  3. Does usually go missing, I think.
  4. I bought a brand new fuse cover from JK, I think.
  5. That's where mine came from.
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    Have you tried fitting it yet? :D
  7. It fits. Strange, but true...
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    They must have sent you the wrong one.
  9. Well, you learn something new every day!

    A cover you say.......:thinking:
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  10. Trivial update: "X" supply not maintained when cranking the starter. 15 stays at +12V when cranking.

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