Gas tanks and propex heaters

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  1. Not sure I'd this should be in the camper conversion sub forum but...
    I'm thinking of fitting a gas tank and propex heater under the floor between the chassis rails, I'm a fair bit of getting back on the road but at the minute the floor is out and I'm finishing off the top hats so now is the ideal time to make provision to fit them.
    My idea is to fit a gas tank under the floor to negate the need for a gas bottle taking up space in the bus, fit an external propex heater and plumb it into the existing heating system at the front cross member (I have a converted minibus so it's got heater vents in the step through). This should provide cab heating and windscreen hot air?
    Am I missing anything or is this a doable or done mod? Dorothy's mean I can ditch the y splitter at the rear?
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    I fitted an LPG tank under our bus. I’ll dig out the post on my resto thread for you.

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  3. Cheers I'd appreciate that, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything. Any thoughts on using a propex heater to replace the factory set up?
  4. I did used to have a propex for demisting at one time through the front totem with a diverter to heat the rear. Some success then changed my set up when I refurbed my heat exchangers as they would do the job. Roll on a few years and due to various oil leaks making the heaters whiff I’d consider what your thinking of although having an lpg tank might make it more appealing as bottled gas is pricey!
  5. I’m not up with euphemisms but I am intrigued sometimes. New one on me!
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  6. Bloody autocorrect on phone, it gets on my wick!
    I'm a bit torn on it at the minute as it does seem a waste of gas when I have heat free from the engine, but I'm also chewing over piping the propex into the heater pipe under the bus so I could use either and utilise the existing ducting?
  7. Sounds like a great plan. Are you intending it to be for LPG? I presume so. My 1977 Westy came with an underslung tank which I used for a few years and then replaced when I spotted some pretty bad corrosion on it. Its a great setup and very cheap to refill. A couple of things about propex though a) they are sensitive to differences in pressure between air inlet and flue so you may have to play around with the locations or you may find that it won't run when you are driving (Bernoulli effect creating pressure differential) and b) they do drain your battery too as the fan is electric. That is easily solved by having solar panels on your roof. I will see if I can dig out an old thread with pictures of my setup.
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    And our set up. It's inside, but is tucked at the back of the cupboard under the hob.
    We use the bus in cold weather so I wanted the gas tank inside. It's in an insulated locker, but filled externally.
    The propex is underslung between the chassis rails and feeds to the pipe work that was under the bed'll see...there's more before and after that page. It may give you some pointers along with @Bertiebot s post:thumbsup:
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  10. Cheers fellas
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  12. The title of this thread.
    I thought it was about a new Stereophonics Album…
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