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  1. Just bought this Ghia and drove it 300 km home. My wife’s car, she drove it to work the next morning ;-) 943FBF89-2DD6-447C-B7E7-356173B1F97F.jpeg

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  3. welcome to the bus&ghia team :cheers:
    and always give them good cavity protection...

    Looks like US Ghia with VW rims from Brazil?

    regards, Rolf
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    That's a nice addition, looks in lovely condition too!
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  6. Nice - but you sure it’s rust free?
  7. Thanks Rolf. Your Ghia/Bus team looks brilliant, too. Not sure about the entire history of the Ghia but what we do know is that it was owned by someone for over 30 years in Canada and we acquired it in an estate sale. As for the bus it’s been a long restoration process over six years but it’s nearly done.
  8. That was the million dollar question because rot is definitely the enemy! The short answer is remarkably, this Ghia is solid. Driven infrequently, well-maintained and parked in a heated underground garage saved it from the ravages of the ol’ tin worm.
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    Looks lovely :)
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    I used to have a 1971 Ghia coupe.

    It was my pride and joy but someone made me a silly offer for it at Volksworld (back when it was thriving) The offer was made in the presence of my wife - she had ‘that look’ on her face which suggested I should seal the deal.

    All I have left is a custom made gear knob that didn’t arrive until after the car had gone (sob)


    My knob needs a good home

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  11. I'm guessing it was US legislation requiring side markers that meant they added the big wrap around indicators?
  12. Not sure about those big wrap around indicators on the 70 Ghia. The 72 has the larger tail lights but with no wrap around markers. Funny story, my wife’s Ghia was used in a film production and when we went to pick it up 6 months later, there was a ‘twin’ (in looks only ;-) Ghia parked next to it. 2165 cc turbo, fuel injected/inter-cooled.

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  13. Wrap around indicators are common at the front from August 1969 to the end 1974.

    At the rear wrap around rectangular reflector are only for US market & requirements August 1969 to July 1971 -
    in Europe we have a round reflector (not equal to type 3) only to the rear as at mine at this time:


    The lamps got bigger and bigger for safety reasons and heavier traffic.

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  14. Nice that :thumbsup:

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