Heater Tube Insulation

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  1. Has anyone used or reviewed the T2 heater tube insulation kit listed on e bay? It looks to be a good way of improving the performance of the system for £125.
  2. not to my knowledge...the jacket that fits around the Y piece looks interesting as it's quite awkward to insulate this section in the normal way...
  3. I have a cover on the Y piece on mine.
    I assumed it was factory fitted
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  4. I used one of those foil backed sleeping bag mats on my last van, cable tied round. Join at the bottom so any water can escape
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  5. they were....they usually rot off
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  6. Good thinking Batman....:thumbsup:
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  7. Got a link?
  8. The e bay number is 221989318006. Seems it is supplied by a restorer.
  9. That's just some thermo blanket with poppers fitted :eek: how much. cheaper to make it your self ;)
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  10. That's very expensive. I removed all old insulation from mine and revealed the rust underneath. Good thing I removed that stuff, which was crumbly and powdery glass fibre. Awful stuff. Wear eye and dust protection as its bad stuff.

    Dealt with the rust and a few holes and vactan'ed the metal. Then gave it all 3 coats of Rustoleum Combicolor straight from the tin.

    Then got some cheap non stick insulation roll from Homebase and cable tied it on. Not perfect but it works and looks ok and its cheap.
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  11. Crumbly and powdery glass fibre
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  12. fortunately not...according to VW. The only asbestos used was in the concertina gaskets...Good job we can always trust what VW say eh?:)
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  13. Ah ! Well it must be baking powder
  14. Whatever it was, it wasn't pleasant but glad I got rid of it and sorted out the rusted tubes and Y pieces. I needed to take it all off anyway so I could treat the underbody and paint it. All looks nice now.

    I like doing jobs on the van and saving money, so I can spend the money on important stuff like brakes and tyres.
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  15. Mine were intact and in good condition ive kept them to make templates from
    Shame the same cant be said about the y piece underneath the insulating jacket mine had rotted so badly i had to cut it out completely
  16. What you putting back. Why not a 90 to 60 y piece and silicon hoses back to the exchangers. Dying for somone to come up with a good solution before i properly look at mine!
  17. It will be somthing like that
    Silicone hose from exchangers over the rear beam then feeding into the long heater tube somehow
    Those fiberglass y pieces are terrible and dont fit so im not left with many options
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  18. I think that might work. Possibly have to shop around for best value on the bits but i think it could be done reasonably cheaply.
  19. The hose isnt very expensive and should outlast the van id think
    If the two hoses from the heat exchanger fit inside of the diameter of the main heater hose them making a joiner for the three would be relativly easy
    If you didnt mind a bit of a bodge you could stick the ends of the two hoses through the rear crossmember and into the main tube then seal up the gaps with high temp silicone

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