HEI ignition and e core coil.

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  1. I'm looking for a decent ignition for my 78x94 type1 build.
    After looking at this post;
    And this one

    I have cross ref some hei module from european cars and found that I could use an Hella module 5DA 006 623-051 and a Valeo 245022 coil from some 80's Renault Fuego Turbo.
    I would also use non resistor rotor and better ignition cables.

    My question is, will this work with an ignitor/powerspark/accuspark/Empi/etc module?

    And why doing this instead of buying ready to use aftermarket vw parts?

    This are oem parts from trusted supplier. Hopefully reliable.
    They are designed to work together.
    Easy to source.
    I can keep an oem VW distributor.
    Challenge of fitting Renault stuff on a old vw :p
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  2. A lot of the racers use MSD Capacitive Discharge units.
  3. Crank fire and coil per plug …
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  4. The issue using a distributor for ignition firing pulses is that the timing curve and spark timing jitter are entirely down to the mechanical construction of the distributor, and the drive dog and gear drive from the crank.
    Crank fire lets you use a more precise and repeatable timing map.
    In the middle, a 123 distributor keeps some of the mechanical jitter because it still is mechanically connected to the distributor drive gear but improves some of the mapping of timing.
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