Discussion in 'Northants' started by lola, May 26, 2014.

  1. Hi, I've got an earlyish start in Sywell, Northants in the morning so thought I'd travel down today and stay over. I've googled campsites and am only coming up with 2 night minimum stay. Can anyone in that area recommend somewhere please? Many thanks
  2. Given how wet it is I sincerely doubt that they will turn you away for 1 night, if you are worried just ring them and ask.:thumbsup:
    have a safe trip:)
  3. What about billing aquadrome? @art b might know some as he is in Northampton :thumbsup:
  4. My humble van wasn't good enough for one nights camping so we are bunkered down in a friendly pub car park (saved me cooking) :thumbsup:

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