I’m not 100% sure

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  1. What the issue is.

    but I’ve just watched tv news and I’m more convinced than ever that whatever it is that’s wrong it’s definitely brexits fault. And the Conservative party obviously.

    I feel much better now as before I watched the TV news excellent and unbiased appraisal of whatever the thing is that’s wrong. I was 100% sure it was the fault of the Illuminati and lizard people.

    such a relief
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  2. It’s defo Q anon
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  3. Don't know whats going on from underneath my tinfoil hat.
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  4. Me nether but you can be as sure as eggs is eggs (if you could buy them of course due to driver shortages) that them sneaky tories are behind it.

    this is a big shift in global blame. As for years it was always old man Simms from the Amusement Park that was behind it. And he’d have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.

    luckily for me Sky News and the BBC have set me on the path of enlightenment
  5. Everything was fine until I filled up with that E10.
    It'll be the end of us. You mark my words.
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  6. My handbrake has come out another 4 notches since starting to use E10.

    Ok really the bus has been driven 850 miles ..

    Suddenly not having a large number of EU citizens working here - in e.g. truck driving and hospitality work is going to make a difference.
    It will probably end up like in Australia where people were optionally given a lump sum instead of a pension at retirement age, to help them start a business instead of just sitting around.
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  7. If only the BBC had a more Tory sympathetic Director General it wouldn’t be their fault

    Tim Davie ££££ kerching…
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  8. Cheeky insertion..:)
  9. I blame the parents…but I believe David Bellamy.
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  10. I’ve told you before that you need to drop this misplaced trust of David Bellamy. You know it was him that bit off Terry Nutkins finger don’t you?
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  11. The end is nigh!
  12. Doomed I tells ye :lol:

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  13. As the actress said! :eek:
  14. Ps, I sincerely apologise for that micro aggression. Actresses are now known as actors of course :oops:
  15. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    Why is that whatever happened to acctresses and waitresses and all those other tresses
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  16. Does a mistress become a mister? :eek:
  17. gender inequality is the reason.
  18. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    Why didn't the waiters become waitresses ,that would have been equally equal
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  19. Hmmm - not sure why but maybe because women have had to drive the battle for gender equality and wanted to be treated the same as men so the historic male label was the most appropriate one to use?
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  20. I have no problem, nor should I anyway, with the word “actors” being applied to male, female and non gender specific plyers of that trade, I was just gently mocking the term “micro aggression” :thumbsup:

    Phew, I think I cleared that up reasonably well. Thank god I’m not on Twitter :D
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