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  1. Razzyh

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    I used to work at that garage in Mill Hill in my mid teens. Nick the moggy specialist, retired just before Covid. He was 70 something.

    Do you remember the moggy 6 wheel pickup there, that had a fiat twin cam in it.
  2. MrF


    No, I just remember seeing their adverts in Street Machine, saving up for months for the kit as a impoverished student & it sounded like something really special in the ad copy and being disappointed that I could have just made it myself on the machines at college instead. I think I bought a grp cab back too, and it arrived covered in star crazing and didn't actually fit my moggie and we had to slit it and glass it back together wider, but I cant remember if that was from Mill Hill too.
    I remember the beardmore bro's moggies, but they came much later and I'd long since moved on from minor's by then.
  3. Razzyh

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    Garage in Mill Hill only sold second hand parts when I worked there as an apprentice. Part of my job would be to strip them down
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