Inwood camping near Basingstoke.

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  1. Went here a couple of weeks back and had a great time. Real basic, almost wild, camping but if you like camping in the woods around an open camp fire then this place is great.

    We found a great little copse for our bus and friends tent. Home made wooden swings n the woods made a great adventure for the kids.

    Website says tents only but they are fine with small campers, just give them a call first.


  2. We've stayed there a few times now. Very basic, but always great. The kids love it - it's amazing how they can switch from being glued to the TV at home to being entertained by a crude swing (stick on a rope)!

    [​IMG]Camping Ingwood August 2014


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    Looks great
    but like a lot of sites now its not cheep 2 adults £30 a night £37 for a family of 4 plus £10 a night if you want a fire and the toilets in the woods are long drops
  4. If you're near the entrance there's an ok toilet block & showers. Also worth mentioning that I don't think they take bookings for just one night at weekends in peek season.

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