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  1. So tired! We ended up driving over 900 miles over 9 days, starting off in Brighton, then on to Durdle Door, Padstow, Port Isaac, St Ives, St Just, Lands End, Porthcurno, St Michael's Mount (gorgeeeeous), St Austell, Fowey, Bodinnick (via the Ferry), Looe, Whitsands Bay, Lyme Regis, Crewkerne... my legs physically ache from all the driving and coastal/beach walking! Highlights include Durdle Door, Porthcurno Beach (sadly the Minack Theatre was sold out), and St Michael's Mount. Enjoyed places like Padstow, St Ives and Fowey/Looe, but they are all very touristy and we preferred being away from the crowds (Padstow beaches and Whitsand Bay were just right!). Relied on the Sat Nav to get us around for the first half of the week, and it took us cross country many times up and down single file country lanes, that were VERY steep and VERY windy - not embarrassed to say we were ****ing ourselves a lot of the time! :eek: After that, the sat nav was switched off and we avoided the country lanes! Reilly the campervan drove like a dream, although of course struggled with some of the hills, and we started the week playing 'spot the campervan', but finished after we passed 200 after a couple of days 8)

    Saw an amazing Red Arrow display in Fowey as the regatta was on, then we were very sad to hear that one of the pilots crashed and died only a couple of days later.

    Next trip = the Gower Peninsula next week!
  2. we probably saw you! post a pic up of your van and I'll let you know :)
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    :) looking forward to your pics
  4. I will try and put some up later. They wont be as good as everyone elses seem to be in the Holiday section, I don't think! We did meet quite a few other campervan owners along the way, I love how they can break the ice so easily "Oh I LOVE your van!" :)
  5. Sounds like a great tour, looking forward to the pictures ;D
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    You went to many good places there. We did something similar back in March and still dreaming of those times now. Get some pics up, would love to see them :D
  7. Okay so here are some pics of our travels:

    Our first stop to break up the journey to Padstow, Durdle Door:

    After this, Dougal the dog became affectionately as Durdle.

    No pics of Padstow itself as to be honest, it was a bit smaller than we thought and we couldnt find Rick Steins fish n chip shop :eek: , although we loved the sandy beaches around the bay. As did Dougal, or should that be Sandy:

    No, definitely Dougal:

    Our van is easily recognisable, by the way. At least from behind (ooer):

    From the front, just another blue camper:

    On to Lands End, where we had to park with the other campers of course - anyone recognise their van??

    Lands End itself was very disappointing, but we did a coastal walk and found that much more appealing and scenic:

    Dougal by this time had also become known as Dawdle (he only has little legs).

    And on to Porthcurno beach, which was stunningly beautiful, even from afar:

    Dougal/Durdle/Sandy/Dawdle was very sad that dogs are banned from it until September :'(

    We took a nice gentle stroll (!) up to the Minack Theatre! Where tickets were sadly sold out:

    Next stop St Michael's Mount, on a perfect summers day with low tide:

    Saw the Red Arrows do their thing at Fowey:

    My new hobby parascending, or whatever they call it - looks fun! Sit down and someone pushes you off a cliff, at Whitsand Bay!

    One of our last nights, still blessed with sun, how lucky we were:

    We stayed at the following campsites:

    Angmering - Ecclesdon Farm = http://www.ecclesden.co.uk/ - had planned to dump the van and go back into Brighton to party, but it was a bit too remote. Basic facilities. Hookup too far from our pitch, but owner leant us an extension. Man with a T25 told us his van was better than ours as it was a 7-berth :eek:

    Padstow Touring Park - http://www.padstowtouringpark.co.uk/ - not a bad location about 1 mile out of Padstow, and linked to Padstow by a public footpath, which took about 20 mins to walk through various fields. Was fine in the daytime, wouldn't have attempted it in the dark unless it was a full moon (or maybe not!). Cant really remember what the facilities were like :eek: Chatted with a man who had rented a pink camper for the weekend.

    St Just - Trevaylor Touring Park - nishcamping.co.uk/">http://www.cornishcamping.co.uk/ - this place is located well for St Ives, Lands End, Penzance, Porthcurno/Minack Theatre etc. They have a bar! 8)

    Boddinick, nr Fowey (we got the Fowey-Boddinick ferry, which was fun) - http://www.penmarlampark.co.uk/ - nice large corner pitch, good shop with friendly staff, good facilities, first warm shower I had all week.

    Crewkerne - Oathill Farm - http://www.oathillfarmleisure.co.uk/ - best campsite of the week by far, possibly best site we have visited so far. Top notch facilities, piping hot shower with very modern facilities - quiestest campsite (was in the middle of nowhere), set in several acres which includes a tea room and country farmhouse B&B. Met another camper owner with a gorgeous white and green and we gave her three well-read copies of VolksWorld Camper and Bus magazine.

    All in all, we took in just under 1000 miles on this trip, which takes us to 2900 miles since May, so looks like I had better call my insurers and increase that 3k limited mileage allowance :-[ ;D
  8. Welcome back!

    That was a great write up and I loved the photos, particularly the ones of Dougal ;D
  9. ahhhhh i want to go soooo much.
  10. Thanks for sharing the memories. We did a similar tour last year, good times !!
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    Thanks for sharing.
    Looks like you had a good time and the weather was kind to you. 8)
  12. thanks for those lovely pics and Dougal! what a sweet heart!
  13. so you were up my way for the regatta

    i might of even seen you as i did see a few bay during the week

    my sister was borrowing my camper and staying just outside of Fowey
  14. If we did see you, we would have waved - we waved at every camper we saw :eek:)

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