Kali's first trip.

Discussion in 'Cornwall' started by Starryboy, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Well the time has come for Kali's first trip.

    We are off to Cornwall for the week. The vans almost ready but I've worked hard to get it ready and as its really close we are taking her. Can't wait.

    St Ives here we come. Are you ready for the or@nge?
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  2. I wish you a Safe trip, good weather and plenty of memories.
  3. Cheers Lofty. I can't wait. Gonna be a blast.

    I haven't had a dry run of setting up with my new awning so I'm taking a gamble but it should be cool.
  4. Hope you have a great time :thumbsup:
  5. Have a fab time! And a couple in the sloop for me :)
  6. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift

    Have fun, remember we like piccies :)
  7. Here is the first one then terror
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  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift

    Well done :thumbsup:
  9. Well we are here without any hiccups. Got the new traveller awning setup with the van now we are off to the pub for a cheaky cider.

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  10. looking good - well done and have a great evening
  11. Chilling at fistral beach. Donut and a cuppa tea. Defo old fart club lol

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  12. Great pics, enjoy :)
  13. Brill :)
  14. Have fun dude:thumbsup:
  15. The weather is shocking down here. Blowing a gale and piddling with rain most days lol
  16. Nice one! I often find it rains when I'm in Cornwall - still a great place to be :)
  17. Well tonight is our penultimate night here in st ives. It has been a great first trip.

    The van has developed a bit of an oil leak but other than that shes not missed a beat. averaged 30 mpg over the long motorway trip which i thought was good.

    The traveller awning has been terrific. Giving plenty of extra space to store the tons of shoes and clothes my wife brought but never wore.

    Early night tonight as i have a 310 mile trip home.

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  18. good on ya matey! glad its been a success, ill keep my fingers crossed you have a safe journey home! :D
  19. Good luck with the journey.

    Have a safe one.
  20. cheers. gonna be a long one especially as her indoors refuses to share the driving. LOL

    Next trip is van west in mid may. Cant wait. You going anywhere this year brucie?

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