Kelham Hall, Newark, Notts

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  1. Just had a club night out at Kelham Hall which I didn't know allowed camping.
    £15 for vehicle and up to 5 people per night. Toilet and shower block, small shop open during the day. Trailer selling beer open in the evening.
    At the front of hall is a large very flats short grassed area with electric hook up. Full with orderly arranged caravaners. We were put in the 'Meadow' area at the back of the Hall next to the River Trent. Still flats, slightly longer grass, fire pit allowed, access to paddle in the Trent and park where you want to. Ideal for campervans.
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    Been to Kelham a few times. Did the owner do his Ghost Train at midnight?
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    It is, the pub close by, The Fox Inn (?) serves nice food and a decent pint
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    Last time we went about three years ago we were parked on that front bit, Dint like it, I'm not sure they allowed camping around the back but it did look a lot better , might give it another go sometime now then
  5. We need to find a date then...
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Fri Aug 5th for the weekend Fugly.....?
  8. @The Bobdogs and @fugly76
    Bit of a warning. Take the strongest, highest octane mozy guard type chemical you can find. My legs are shredded from insect bites over the weekend.
  9. Can't do...sorry. Claire has plans...
  10. Im used to the bites....Scotland, Summerfest and this weekend Wells. They get me everytime, this time on both feet :mad::mad:
  11. Bev and I are doing an experiment as to the best post bite remedy. Bev has tried the current one on Facebook using a hot spoon. I've got Anthisan on one leg and Sudocrem on the other and thinking of having a pint of piriton.
  12. The two bites I got on my feet Friday evening, by Saturday afternoon they had both developed blisters and my ankles became swollen :eek:. Put nothing on them and they have driven me mad today under my work boots:mad:
  13. I got rid of three nasty bites from the previous week, now I have a selection up to my knees. Forget shorts it's a full Nuclear, Biological and Chemical suit next time.
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  14. Will you pair of lightweights stop whinging and man up!!
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