Keveral Farm near Looe

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  1. I've been going to Keveral for years. It's a Co Op on an organic farm thats been going for decades now.
    They've been running a campsite for a few years.
    There is limited camping for campers so probably not great for a convoy but ok for a couple of buses.

    Keveral farm is very beautiful and secluded. You won't have to lock away anything. It's a very chill place within walking distance of Seaton Beach and a few miles from Looe (great for fishing boat trips)

    Fire pits are provided, nothing like a decent fire in the countryside!

    Checkout:]for more info

    Here's a pic:

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    The reason we have a camper is we sold our chalet in Millendreath -- missing it at the mo :(
  3. The old holiday camp is still closed with the developer in dispute over planning permission. Makes Millendreath a really nice quite spot. Fished of that little pier there for a bit. Caught nothing but someone landed a plaice.
    Real nice place
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    Yeah , the reason we sold was because of all the upheaval , sorry mess really but i loved walking to seaton and back :D
  5. Beach cafe is still at Seaton. Theyve *******ed off the council by erecting a series of 'non permanent' shelters on the beach and building a scafold bridge over the causeway. Great fish n chips ;D .
    Keveral is up the hill behind the cafe.
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    Nice place :)

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