Looking to buy our first bay, advice needed!

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Markus250, May 13, 2019.

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    Erm......surely if it has a couple of issues, that's the starting point for the discussion on price - why are people talking about walking away (unless £14k buys a perfect twin cab)?
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  2. Screenshot_20190514-094745_eBay.jpg Ok guys, I'm still looking at others. To be fair anything I've seen in the past few months around 13-14k has got issues of some description. Some have had very bad obvious bodywork issues and others just some things missing etc.
    I've spotted one at 15,500 that's supposedly in great condition. It does have this hideous attachment on the back though, anyone know if it can be removed easily? I've messaged the seller but awaiting reply.
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    Are they really that sort of money now?

    You can get a proper nice bay for that money.
  4. Yes I’m sure that could easily be removed!

  5. That’s what I thought, think I’ll weld an extra bit on my single
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  6. As pointed out, with your budget you could get yourself a really good camper and enjoy driving it as your first venture into Bay ownership and enjoy the fun.

    I expressed my concerns about the blue SA import as even if you went to see it and were interested, you would not legally be able to drive it and its being sold without an mot. I would insist on a new mot on it and see what turns up. For 14k I would expect a roadworthy drive it home vehicle.

    Think about it, you have paid the money, organised a pickup/ delivery to your home at further costs and then and only then could you start to find out what needs doing and how much more it will cost you, and you still haven't driven it. Where's the fun in that?

    To me its a project, with unknown condition and provenance and an owner who has ignored it for 4 years and now chancing his arm, based on the rarity of the vehicle.
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    To be fair, I agree with the MOT bit.
    If he’s loathed to MOT it, ask yourself why. It’s £14k not £1400.
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  8. You could have had a lovely bay for £11,500, but too late now.
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    That First Doka looks okay if you are prepared to do a couple of grands worth of work on it. Fully agree about the wheels, steering wheel, rust and mot issues.

    It’s okay as a base, but looks a bit ‘ bling n sting’ to me.
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  10. Hey guys,
    The first blue one at the start of the thread is MOT and tax exempt hence no current MOT. I've message dthe seller to explain why it was only first registered here in Jan 2019 yet he's owned it since 2015. Awaiting reply. In the mean time I've seen the blue one above with the strange looking thing on the back. Its an ebay advert and its worded like a quick ad in a newspaper so not a lot of info but theres a phone number to ring.
    This one is said to be in great condition and to be fair is 15.5k so more than the first one. I know I could get a bay window campervan for that money in great condition but its the pickup we've wanted for many years and we already have a VWT4 (eurovan) that's a fully kitted out campervan.
    I'm going to ring soon to ask about it but anything in particular I should be asking apart from the usual, mileage, how does the engine run, any work bodywise etc etc?

    Really appreciate all the help and advice on here guys! I'm not expecting a show winning condition bus for my budget, but one that isn't going to fall apart after a little use would be nice! :)
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  11. This is the one i'm going to call about at 15.5k...

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  12. You want an honest bus where you can see any issues.

    I'd say it's better to drop 15k on a bus that someone has spent mega money restoring 5 years ago, than on a south African import that has been given a quick paint job that may hide some future liabilities.

    You should be able to get something pretty amazing for 15k if you are patient and wait for the right one.

    I have no specific guidance other than read the link about buying and if possible take someone knowledgeable with you before committing to anything.
  13. That looks like it could be quite good with the carbuncle removed !
    Seams are all in the right place and the drop gates look ok on the pics, get your head under the back seat and have a poke round in the corners.
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  14. No idea how much of a premium you have to pay for a double cab, but all the ones you've posted up seem like top money to me.

    For comparison look at @SundialCamperSpecialists single cab for well less than 10k.

    It's solid and honest looking.

    You are set on a double cab, so try and find similar to that
  15. Ha sundial have posted whilst I've been typing
  16. We made a round trip of 600 miles to look at our bus even though it was a project, had it not been right we would have walked away .
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  17. From double cabs I've been looking at for the past few months, between 12-15k will get you reasonable to good condition usually with some issues and for show winning nut and bolt restoration buses, they seem to be fetching over 20k! 15k is our maximum budget and it has to be a double cab. My girl has wanted one forever after missing out on buying one years ago for 3k that was mint (she knew the owner). What put her off was it was LHD and not in a colour she liked. She's always regretted not buying it. I love them too. Double cab would be ideal as we want to be able to take friends in it too when we head off to shows or day trips etc.
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  18. Have you tried Midlands Aircooled Collective (MAC)? Lots of be folk around notts who would be able to help, and probably know of a crew cab or two.
    They used to have a Facebook page - possibly still do - worth posting on there as patrick who used to have the vw bug barn would likely be able to help, he’s very familiar with pickups.
    Good luck in your search
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  19. You will find the right one.

    Try posting some wanted adverts up on volkszone forum, prototype bay and on local VW groups facebook pages. Not sure about free wanted adverts in the printed vw mags.

    15k is a healthy budget and I can't think that there are many people looking for double cabs with such a budget. You may even get a 20k priced bus for 15k if they need to sell it.

    Keep saving whilst looking.
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  20. Just rang about the blue bus above with that strange rear canopy on the back and it's been sold last month! I wish people would remove their Ebay listings! Anyway I'm in contact with another, a 1.6 1972 in grey/cream that has had restoration work and is just waiting for its dvla registration and mot (its exempt but doing it anyway). That's up for £12500. A lot better priced. Have seen pictures of the work. It's currently at South West Splitz where I think it had the work done. I've asked for more pictures and info etc. What do people think so far? Anyone know of South West Splitz in Exeter? Heres the pictures I have so far. Screenshot_20190515-103004_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20190515-103011_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20190515-103027_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20190515-103031_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20190515-103132_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20190515-103148_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20190515-103158_Samsung Internet.jpg
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