Low Wray nr Ambleside

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    nice walk to the castle, and the bloke in charge of the boats is a good laugh. We'll be back. You can also get on the steam boat but we didn't see it this time.
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  2. We're going to bring our inflatable kayak. Do you think we can get away with launching it from the site? On the booking form in the extras bit, I'm sure it said there was an extortionate launching fee, but hoped that only referred to solid vessels, not our Lidl jobby.
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    You should be ok. You can get full access to the lake at many spots and also a slow moving river that runs through the site. I guess the charges are for big boats. If you go left around the lake by boat you'll see some lovely houses hidden in the trees.
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  4. No you can take and use your own kayak from low wary , we have many times before , also its best to give them 24hs notice on the gluten free pizzas as they need to make sure they Hse the bases in . 3 coeliacs in our family !! Great place

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    Looks lovely!
  6. We had a great 4 nights at Low Wray, not the best of weather, but we didn't let that stop us. Lots of walking, exploring & geocaching around the castle & Lake. The kids loved the castle & adventure playground. On a rainy day we got the ferry from the castle to Brockhole & then on to Waterhead & Ambleside. We also had pizzas one night (gluten free bases take 1 hr yo defrost) so we chatted to the lady in the afternoon & booked our cooking slot for later in the evening. Great site, highly recommend. :):):)
  7. Yes one of our favourites and pleased others agree. Make sure you don't try and book around the Great North Swim though as it is heaving!
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  8. Does anyone have a link for here sounds a great place:thumbsup:
  9. Spent 3 nights here last week. Really nice camp site. You can even hire a bat detector. Was lots of fun. Got a lovely pitch.

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