FOR SALE LT45 4x4 double cab

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  1. Sadly I have been let down by a Vw restorer after he had it for nearly six months and as I am in the process of moving I am looking to sell my LT
    It’s quite unique in that it’s the only known factory 4 door
    It’s LHD
    Starts ,goes, steers,stops
    Lots of rust but comes with virtually all the panels/cuts to fix
    Got lots of history with it as being Swedish their records are quite easy to find
    It’s currently on a well known auction site !!
    Not sure how much it’s worth but around £8,500 ? 135A529D-A753-4817-9970-FA790A941C64.jpeg
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    You know the rules, could you put a location up please buddy?
  3. Im going to find this on eBay…,
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  4. Sorry been off here so long I forgot
    It’s in Knockholt Kent
    Message me either through here or pm me
    Price is £8,500 but let’s talk
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  5. A051F81B-0D5D-4A09-8C9B-65EC7C40C31B.jpeg
    To give everyone an idea of the size of this thing I can walk past it and the door mirrors are above my shoulder, it’s huge
    Same axles/running gear as early Unimogs and same era yank 4x4’s apparently !! So spares shouldn’t be impossible to source This is a pic of it behind my LWB t5.1
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    You know you want it!
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  7. You need this….
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  8. This is along the lines of what I wanted to do with it D8EE6216-A5FF-4A92-8D86-41CC1319242C.png
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    Very nice
  10. If this doesn’t reach the reserve the resto will start Saturday as I have found someone willing to take it on !!
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    Apparently I AM supposed to stop looking at this RIGHT NOW!!
    She's snuck up on me. :mad:
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  12. 0CA12269-E54D-4E84-A00F-FE16083E2364.png I know the feeling, seems it’s a man thing that the girls don’t support
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  13. My wife just said NO when I showed her this lol

    "I am not allowed any more projects"

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    Not all of them! :p

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  15. Hanging to that one
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  16. same story here….
  17. Hmm I’ve got LT but no wife, that may be the answer
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  18. It’s got new boots now DF9DDADB-9286-4A35-B431-6D2429D7E616.jpeg DF9DDADB-9286-4A35-B431-6D2429D7E616.jpeg
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  19. Sad news, looks like a deal has been done and he is going to a very lucky new owner
    Have offered a buy back scheme though !!!
    Watch this space next on my clearout list ie a 66 splitty 11 window
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