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  1. Well we've just returned from our nollys and although we had the absolute luxury of longer than 2 weeks somehow it didn't seem long enough. Ah well only another 52 weeks until next year ;)

    Packing in the rain,

    Puca travelling in style


    and we arrived to sun


    more later dog walk beckons
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  2. @72wilma

    Where did you stay when you went here?
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  3. After previously bodging together some plans of my gaffers new holiday home from the estate agents details I was asked to go to the property with a colleague to carry out a full survey for the use of planning & building regs etc.

    We set off at 4am on Thursday last week (7th Nov 2013) & arrived around 10:30am and my first thought as we pulled up was that I would never get my camper in that garage as the drive was very steep & didn't level out until you hit the garage opening!

    We had a quick look round & my initial thought was that I would love this place as my first house yet alone my third! Anyway I'm depressed enough about the whole trip so I won't dwell on it here as I wanted to share this with you all...


    This was the view from the terrace to the rear of the property which was absolutely stunning!

    We were there 10 hours on the Thursday and I managed to escape to the local shops for coffee & food around lunch time, whilst I was there I took a few snaps of the beach from the road!


    I can appreciate that Devon & Cornwall are full of places like this but as so many when holidaying we have always visited the usual tourist stops that everyone goes! I have plans to book time from work, load the camper and head south to tour all the little places like this & although it may not happen next year I'm hoping to do it soon, problem is I might not come back...

    Thursday night we headed into Newquay & our hotel for the night (Premier Inn) but as we still had a lot to do Friday we set the alarms and were tucking into our breakfast at 7am before heading back to the house, it took us a further 11 hours to get the job done which was plans of all three floors with all services, kitchens (yes I said kitchens) full external elevations, driveway & rear garden! We detailed everything as we were aware of what he intends to do to the property & the fact we wouldn't be going all that way back again to get anything we may have missed!

    Unfortunately even if I was able to get my camper onto the drive there was no vehicle access to his rear garden so there's no chance of any free camping, not that he would allow me anywhere near once all the works are done but I would like to add this place to my list of places to visit in the Robowagen which is why I asked @72wilma where they camped?

    Oh I forgot to mention apparently well according to my gaffer just up the road is 'The Scarlet' which is some kind of hotel spa place that the celebs frequent, but to be honest when he told me this he got the following response from me, except with less hair...

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  4. Love Mawgan Porth, sorry Robbo have only just seen this,

    We stay at Magic Cove but you'll need to sell your Granny, and anyones else's Granny you can find to get a pitch. They're like gold dust.

    Just next to magic cove, is Marver. It has a reputation as being magic cove's poorer, shabby cousin, but the pitches are bigger, level and the bathroom fac are ok, not swish but alright.

    The Scarlet is where all the celebs stay but Mawgan porth is lovely and not too packed over aug, the phone reception is lousy until you get up the hill - perfect for holidays were you don't want the outside world interferring with your holiday.
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    I keep misreading this and thinking Wagwan!
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  6. Birdy

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    I'll have you know Marver is wonderful. It's quite fun watching those in Magic Cove lock their doors when they drive up the shared driveway.

    But the girls are right though you do new to sell Granny and her gold teeth to get in there. We booked our next August 2014 holiday in August 2013.
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  7. Yes we noticed the phone signal issue & had to go out onto the terrace to get one bar of 3G which was just enough for emails but nothing else & I think it would be worth selling granny although I think they would demand a refund after a few hours alone with her :D
  8. Atlantic view is just up the road and a cheap place to camp, if you have children go just up the road a bit more to old MacDonalds farm
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  9. I shall check them out, thanks :)

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