MX5 Mini road trip to Hay on wye

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    Ok so it wasn't in the camper but nice all the same .

    Last friday Lou and i set off in the mx5 on a short forty odd mile road trip to the Rhydspence hotel Whitney on wye Herefordshire -- a four star seven hundred year old inn on the Welsh borders --

    The little sports car was packed : William was too ( off to nan and grandads for the night ) Lou and i headed off across the back lanes off Worcestershire to our pre booked hotel in the neighbouring county of Herefordshire just fifty miles but the night was moonless and the rain was lashing down , Thirty odd miles later the little pop up headlights and tiny windscreen proved inadequate in these conditions , we pulled over and cleaned both .

    Two hours later we arrived at the seven hundred year old coaching inn guided in by the welcoming lights of the cosy looking building, we raced under our umbrella to the very tilted entrance , the oak beams and cobbled entrance was warm and welcoming and we were soon standing next to the big open log fire in the bar .

    Geraldine the owner greeted us and introduced us to the staff , after a small tour of the hotel she showed us to our room , a four poster bed and fantastic Tudor decor made us smile from ear to ear , perfick

    Dinner was ordered and eaten in the bar with a few other guests and a audience of locals , a lovely welcoming meal , well made and hearty , we enjoyed the company too .

    After one or two too many , Lou and i retired to our room and the snug four poster .

    Breakfast was of gigantic proportions , we struggled to eat it but woofed down the superb scrambled eggs made with double cream and the quarter inch thick bacon went down a treat too - lovely , it set us up for our day out in Hay on Wye .

    Before we left Paul - Geraldine's slightly eccentric but very friendly hubby showed us around the grounds and his pet geese , a very nice stroll and a very nice couple -- we loved it .

    Hay on Wye is a hidden gem , full of book shops and antique shops , we stayed as long as we could .

    Eventually we made our way home in bright sunshine along the autumn coloured lanes of Herefordshire and Worcestershire stopping off at a cider makers for some perry ( the orgasmic cider company ) a cheese makers for some Herefordshire cheese and a butchers for a proper pork pie , we also stopped off at beautiful old country church and monastry before the final leg of the journey back to reality .

    The Mx5 trip could just as easily have been a camper trip , the hotel people said they would love to see old camper vans stopping off for a meal or a nights stay , they even made the point that they would love to have a meet there , however it was a trip out in our little sports car , partly to celebrate Lou's birthday and partly just to get away,Worcestershire and Herefordshire are two of the most beautifu countys in England , understated and not overly touristed but superb - we can't wait to do it again -- soon

    The lovely Rhydspence inn

    Hay on wye -

    The orgasmic cider company -

    Monkland - little Hereford cheese makers - yummy

    A great couple of days out :)

    The Mx5

    The hotel entrance

    Snug as a bug in a rug - the four poster

  2. Lovely part of the world. Good summer destination for latebays
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    Finished it now :)
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    you missed the best bit out, four poster bed? nudge nudge! say no more,

    'ave you done it with a lady?

    what's it like?
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    Trust you poo !

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