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    Nice engine but a low static CR for a C25, what’s the reasoning?

    F11 is the most common. Airs are possibly 180.
  2. Not sure why he chose that CR.
    Have to chat more with him.
    Seems to be working.
    Plenty of power.
    Cool running.

    what CR would you have set it at.
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    I have just a smidge under 9:1 CR with a C25 in a 2,316cc type 4 but I use premium fuel, if you’re using 91 octane that may be the reason for the low CR.

    With only 8:1 static, the dynamic CR will be too low for the cam to work efficiently but 85 RWHP isn’t bad and as long as you are happy with the power that’s all that matters. :thumbsup:
  4. @77 Westy

    I checked with my engine guys and he recommends 7.7 - 8.2 which is what recommends.

    But yes, I’m happy with it. :)
    There are some good hills just outside Sydney and it pulls hard.

    Ok - not as hard as a 2.3 but a lot harder than my 2.1L T25 that’s chipped and 1.4 rockers.

    How is your 2.3 put together?
    I know one bloke here that is doing a stroker with 94’s
    And my other mate does an 1800 crank with 103’s (or is it 105’s)
    He likes the rod ratio of the 1800 crank.

    I liked the simplicity of the stock engine build.

    Well - sort of stock :)
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    Late CJ, single relief crankcase, 80mm counterweighted forged crankshaft, 96mm Biral cylinders with hypereutectic pistons. 5.325” H-beam rods (rod ratio is 1.69:1).
    Scat C25 cam with Lube-a-Lobe followers, 9.0:1 CR. (John at is too conservative with his static CR recommendation). 1.6mm deck height.
    1800 cylinder heads with 41mm inlet and 34mm exhaust valves. CSP Python exhaust.

    Assembly is as simple as a stock build and if you choose the parts carefully there is no machining required. Several people have asked me to do an engine build thread and I suppose that is something I should get around to,:)
  6. @77 Westy

    very nice.
    Carbs or injection?

    Not that numbers mean anything- but have you had it on a rolling road?
  7. Looks ace! Love the stripes and how original it all is :)
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    @Barry76 Weber 40 IDFs, 32mm vents. It has never been on a RR but it’s adequate to climb any col the Alps can throw at it.:)
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  9. Just because I like stickers

    CF235116-4139-4C16-A254-197EF66E9485.jpeg 6729CC5D-332F-4BC2-BEC9-318108CE63D3.jpeg
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    We need a close up. :thumbsup:
  11. See if this works

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    Yes that's a better resolution. :thumbsup:
  13. So…….. you don’t get 12 months out of the stickers before they fade.

    Put a new load on.
    300 for $10 Aus on eBay

    This time I have bought some UV paint to go over

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