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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by matty, Jun 14, 2024.

  1. matty

    matty Supporter

    The planets have aligned and I have just cooked the perfect amount of spaghetti

    not that the dogs happy as he normally gets the extra.
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  2. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Quick, go and buy a lottery ticket!
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  3. Liar, things like that just don't happen.
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  4. I did this last night too.......

    However I did drop more than a whole portion in the sink when I was draining it, so I guess I didn't have it right to start with
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  5. Need reporting to the RSPCA...!
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  6. 100g per person. Simples :thumbsup:
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  7. Enjoy the moment. Some crap will be along shortly.
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  8. Well done and Bon appetite to the dog !
    I never have that problem as I can always find room for extra spaghetti. Jacket potato or porridge is a different matter , if I overdo on these it is not a pleasant feeling .
    As kids our Spanial always enjoyed leftovers especially a bolognese but some dog owners frown when you tell them that nowadays !?.
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  9. I cook extra for the chickens...

    Don't tell the misses, she'll shoot me

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  10. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    Yes or no? o_O
  11. Faust

    Faust Supporter

    Leave um full length and wear a bib .
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  12. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    It usually breaks into three pieces. One in each hand, and one ricocheting off the cupboard..
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