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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by vinnyboy, Sep 11, 2020.

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    I've just replaced the two pieces of foam in my Westfalia upstairs bed. The original was 42 years old and a bit soft around the edges. Also a bit smelly. Did a quick search and found a company called GB Foam Direct. Turns out they are VW camper fans. The website is very easy to use. Lots of options and explanations for each.
    I ended up with “luxury firm sofa foam with added stockinette.”
    That was the best quality blue foam. They do a camper foam for a little less money.
    Just over £70 delivered
    Slept on it for a week and it’s brilliant. Highly recommended all round.
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  2. +1 for GB Foam.

    I ordered at 10:30 am on a Friday and it arrived at 11:30 on Saturday.
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    Did they offer memory foam?

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    Looks like they’ll cut it to size.

    Hmmm... that’s quite appealing. I may decide on that tomorrow night while sleeping on what I’ve got in my Westy now.
    My memory foam mattress at home is brilliant. Had it a long time, wasn’t expensive either, often wondered about putting it on the R&R and rear deck foam.
    Just wondered what it’s like to sit on

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    You add the dimensions in to the site tool and get an instant quote. They cut it with perfectly square edges.
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    Be careful. I accidentally made mine 50cm thick instead of 50mm and was quoted nearly £400. Measure twice and all that.
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