Off to Sandringham Game and Country Fair today !

Discussion in 'Norfolk' started by oxiderenegade, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Not in the bay though !

    I will try not to come back with a lurcher puppy honest gov'nor !

    Looks like a good un , will report back my findings upon our return.....................
  2. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Would you be a love and pick me up Kerplunk and Lichtenstein ? :)
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  3. :D
  4. Gotta come back with a lurcher pup, its the law.
    Ludo and Mousetrap for me please.
    Don't forget the terrier pup aswell
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  5. Ludo and Mousetrap would be good names for a terrier and lurcher.
    Go on Row you know you want to. :)
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  6. Great show really was nut the whole lurcher show side of things was a complete fail, only one lurcher in the first round, 5 in the second.................however there were lurchers wondering round all over the place, just were not entered, no pups though :(

    I think they are great names @Pony , no terriers though house is becoming a bit over run as it is o_O...........I have plans for the puppies name already.

    Great show though, been to a fair few of these over the years and this was one of my favourites bar Holkham
  7. I ve worked sheep dogs and lurchers over the years. Mrs Pony has always had daschunds. The last one, Mr B, grew up with my last lurcher Bracken. Mr B turned out to be a great terrier if a little noisey, its in the breed.
    Go to Clumber Park and Broughton shows up here and the CLA.
    Glad you had a good un
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