ok here is my cooking problem

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  1. i am vegetarian and am trying to avoid wheat
    rob and the boys arn't
    but rob and louis are lactose intolerant
    which makes us a vegan carnivore mix
    also rob and louis are allergic to strawberry's and kiwi
    rob is allergic to malt and sea food
    - so at home it's ok most people are suprised i find it so easy but in the campervan it's tricky
    any camping food that is healthy and quick would be very very welcome.
  2. hailfrank

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    lemoncurd on cracker bread :)

    seriously i really fancy that now
  3. lemoncurd often has milk protein in it
    but i love it especially on ice cream

    - still not very healthy though
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  5. what i mean't about "healthy" is not what we've been eating when in the van eg noodles, instant uncle bens rice, pasta and sauce
    which are all very quick and handy but after a week of them i can't wait to eat normally again.
    bek - i still don't want to be spending all day cooking though + can't really afford to eat out 3 times a day.
  6. i take the fresh pasta parcel things and a sauce, cooks in 5 mins and more healthy than a kebab
    not sure if it helps you avoiding wheat?
    i havent got a clue about veggie food, sorry
  7. :) honestly ::) i know how to cook pot noodles they are made for camping especially when you have to stop at a service station if you've filled a Thermos before you set off you don't even have boil the kettle
  8. you want something without wheat, basically veggie, no milk or cheese but you can add meat to, to interest the boys?

    How about gluten free pasta? Dove Farm fussili actually tastes like pasta and do a tomato sauce that you can add some cooked chicken to after you've dished yours up?

    I'm trying to recover old recipes that were posted prior to crash and I know there are some vegan/veggie stuff in there.
  10. also, try "the real life diet' by maryon stewart. lots of good recipes that cut out all the common allergens (some veggie ones too). the idea is to then reintroduce each allergen back in to see how it affects you.
    I bought it for the recipes, as the books like "cooking without" are full of things like making your own almond milk and knitting your own muesli etc! ::)
  11. thanks ermintrude, I've still got me thinking head on, ask Marowak he's a mine of gluten free info :)
  13. vegan cheese is horrible but it cooks ok
  14. on of my favourites (but not v quick as you have to cook rice)

    Spanish rice
    3 tbsp olive oil
    2 onions, thinly sliced
    2 garlc cloves, crushed (or lazy garlic
    1 green pepper, cored seeded, thinly sliced
    2 red peppers (prepped as above)
    350g mushrooms, thinly sliced
    large tin of chopped toms
    40g stoned green olives (can leave these out, but i love 'em)
    1 tsp dried oregano
    1/2 tsp basil
    pepper to taste
    150g cooked rice.

    heat oil, add onions and garlic cook for 5-7 mins
    add peppers. cook for 4 mins (keep stirring) add mushrooms, toms, olives oregano, basil and pepper. cook and stir for 3 mins.
    add cooked rice, stir in and cook for 3-4 mins to ensure rice fully heated through.
    lovely hot or cold, in fact i'm going to have it for my tea tomorrow :)
  16. I'll get the old gluten free stuff up over the next few days

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