Original set of mint chrome VW latebay hub caps stolen from Kingston upon Thames

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by brav, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. All 4 OEM chrome VW logo latebay hub caps (that I bought exactly a year ago to replace previous set stolen ) were stolen at 2am last night ... again. Watch out for your bus if you live in the area as its the annual arrival of these thieves to operate in this area.
  2. ... I meant to add "b@st@rds" but that's obvious.
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  3. Gutted for you but why not leave them off your wheels when not in use??
  4. Stinks !!

    Mine are kept in the van but i don`t suppose that helps , I`m in Teddington , t`wasnt me Guv ....

    Keep your eye on Ebag but i doubt they`ll turn up anytime soon - probably chancers , don`t think they`ll turn up on anything local :mad:

  5. Pudelwagen

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    There are loads on ebay but how do you prove they're yours? They need some distinguishing identification on them and then again, what chance have you of the police investigating every seller!

    Bastards is the word.
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  6. How about putting your reg no on the inside of hub caps with a ultra violet pen / marker
  7. The police won't investigate at all! I had a whole car (Fiesta) stolen from behind my house...2 days before it went missing a bloke knocked on, offering me £20 for it for stock car racing, I declined, but he left me his mobile number... my neighbour saw the same guy tow it away & when reported to the boys in blue they told me theft is a very difficult crime to prove!!?!? Even though there was a witness & I had a contact number for him!! Lazy is what they are!! (The police not the crooks)
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    Fair enough but if there are, say ten sets of hubcaps on ebay, gumtree etc, do you really believe that you can persuade the police to raid all their premises with uv lamps?
  9. No they wouldn't do that but they will wait at the end of your road all day & night with a speed camera catching anyone driving 5mph over the speed limit!! complete wasters!
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  10. Use a permanent marker /scribe and write the reg number on each cap on the inside. Another target are headlights! There are some anti theft headlight screws on ebay.
  11. Sad state of affairs but sado’s out there will pinch anything they can make a few quid on to fuel their drug habit :mad::mad:
    I always remove mine when the van is parked up, even up the drive, not worth risking.
  12. Never mind, the Conservatives have promised to increase Police numbers if they get elected, of course not as many as we had before their cut backs.
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  13. Can’t you just put 1000 volts through them when parked up . Might make um jump a bit next time . If they get hurt then the police might get involved but no doubt they will say it’s your fault . Hope you catch the buguz .
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  14. No of course not but if you bought some you could see if they were yours
  15. Ring him up and ask for your£20
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