Parkside 50L Compressor Lidl

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Marzydj, Feb 16, 2019.

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  2. Seems ok
  3. It would be fine for pumping tyres up, blowing dust off, small spay repairs etc. If you use a sander etc with it it wont keep up.
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  4. It's not bad for the price, 3.5cfm output is reasonable but won't keep up with most air tools for extended use. You will need to change the air hose to 8mm, the supplied plastic hose is too restrictive for air tools.
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    Thanks guys, I had intended on using it for sanding and body repair so if it’s not going to do and needing to get the extra hoses and stuff I think then I’ll pass.

    Appreciate you saving me £100!

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  6. Most air sanders are noisy plus the noise of the compressor. Easier to use a electric one in my opinion
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  7. A compressor is invaluable for some jobs spraying, sand blasting etc. But air tools are inefficient compared to electric, more for use in bodyshops where electric motors can produce a spark ignition hazard.
  8. The trouble is the electric DA never seem to last very long. Are the air tool any better, or not?
  9. You mean battery??
  10. Sorry, no I mean they are fragile and break.
  11. Ah right! Ive had a dewalt 240v for a while never let me down
  12. Perhaps I'll try DeWalt next time, you'd think Bosch would be ok, but hey ho!
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  13. Father in law has a small DeWalt one, he has had it years and uses it a lot

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