Pine Wood Camping and Caravan Site Wells Next The Sea

Discussion in 'Norfolk' started by Tilly, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Just had two nights here , quite a good site good pitches, hook ups.
    Toilets and showers very clean lots of hot water.
    Wells is a lovely little place, some good pubs, try the Globe on the green Pint of Wherry is the best I have tasted for ages.
    See the sign for harbour parking, charges go right up to 2330. but surely they don't mean us ??
    Wells Harbour Railway, Tilly and a harbour view

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  2. It is very nice up there,
    We have never had any trouble with parking there I believe it's the big ones that take up a couple of spaces they don't want,
  3. Anywhere to crash for a night as only staying one night
  4. Dazza

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    Here at then moment , I think the touring site is either new this year or maybe last last year as you can still see the turf lines on the pitches ...

    Very good pitches ....loads of room with electric and water per pitch, showers and loos are perfect, plentiful and spotlessly clean .

    Beautiful part of our country , well recommended .
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  5. If you eat at the Albatros, the dutch boat in the harbour, make sure you're under cover as there's a chance the seagulls will add an extra something to your pancakes otherwise.
  6. Dazza

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    Funny you should say that...we had a drink on there the other evening wife got shat all over her arm:D:D:D:D
  7. It's supposed to be lucky. Lucky for the people that didn't get shat on I think they mean:confused:
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    Well we don't do the lottery but we did buy a ticket that night .......the result showed us why we don't do the lottery :):)
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    Just to embellish pinewoods further , the facilities were spot on..son good I took photos of the toilet/ showers:

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  10. Christ that's posh
  11. It's because us norfolk lot has only just got toilets so they are all like that everywhere
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  12. Dazza

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    Very nice site in all really but I do like a clean bog :)
  13. Keeling54

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    was in wells today for a visit to the beach. Pinewoods looks a great location for a few days away.
  14. Dazza

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    Had 4 nights there again last week , still spot on .. still in the same location, facilities still fantastic
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  15. We were at blue sky up the road as could not have our teenagers in their own tent alongside camper at pinewoods, still looks nice at Pinewoods not sure if its worth £20 extra per night though....
  16. Is the 'Albatros' still there and serving pancakes?

    If it is I'll go up the coast sometime soon.
  17. It was last year..... bloody good pancakes!
  18. CF3798F5-0884-459A-A448-2644454A36CE.jpeg

    This was us parked at the bow last year.....
  19. Dazza

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    Heading back there in the morning , hopefully still a great campsite - just needs a bar in site
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  20. Campsites with a bar often go from quiet and peaceful to rowdy
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