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  1. Had a problem with a unit Monday the owner had changed the thermostat and now didn't work.

    Tested it and had 12v to the main unit but no 12v out to the thermostat Spock to Propex
    On the main circuit board next to the 12v in cable there is a round black 2amp fixed fuse that is soldered in, they recommend that you just solder across it as you still have the main fuse protecting it.

    Or you can sendthe board back and have a new one fitted
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  2. crap Matty, i wish i had read this today, I re wired the thermostat with the live plugged into the heater at the weekend and blew the fuse. Propex were great, really quick to respond. i had the board out, in a jiffy bag and posted to Southampton before i read your post. At least i will be back running by the weekend and know how to workaround this in the future. MAKE SURE you remove the power to the heater before you go messing around mounting the thermostat etc.
  3. Its all good info this. Im whipping the board out and sending it off to wahale later!
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    Ah, I've been waiting for this. Have you blown the internal fuse? If so I did exactly the same and bought a couple of fuses online.
    I soldered one in to repair mine and still have the second one in the shed. I also have good pics of where it fits.
    If this is you then I'll find the pics and stick them up here and pop the fuse in the post.
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  5. Many thanks , Im going to whip it out and send it to them as its still in warranty. This is quite a big issue for an underslung unit as its not a quick or easy thing to do to get the board out. Mines not horrendous but all the same I hope the box reseals when I put it back!
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    Ah, it might even be different inside then. I blew mine when I twisted all the thermostat wires together to feed it through the holes in the units but forgot that the battery was still connected and I'd wired up the power lead first.
    With my fuse gone the unit was totally dead though so I doubt it's even the same issue.
    Never mind, I'll wait patiently until someone else blows their fuse and then I'll leap in like "Propex Man" and save the day.
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  7. It does sound like its a similar issue. Was doing some research on the manufacturers of the pcbs for these and if im right, which i think i am they are about 4 miles up the road from my house.
  8. Well now im in a quandry. Taken the lid off and guess what..... This is toast!


    Do i replace it and get on with my life or post it all off to whale which means disconnecting all the gubbins, which, potentially i might put back wrong and blow it up. Btw i havent put a temporary link in to try it and therefore cant confirm it all seemed to work perfectly.......
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  9. it's a slow blow 2Amp one from RS or Farnell for a couple of quid if that:thumbsup:

    you could put a 1A fusible link in there temporarily, to see if it works....but it doesn't verify why it blew in the first place....'phone propex and see what they may be a straightforward DIY job....if it's prone to blowing, might be an idea to extend the circuit and fit a micro mcb somewhere accessible
  10. i was told they blow if you put power to the unit then connect the thermostat
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  11. you'd think it was down to an install error, rather than using shonky parts, but knowing Dicky, I can't imagine any major oversights....wonder whether they make this really clear (assuming it's this) in the fitting in big bold letters?
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  12. Yep.
    Seen this mentioned a few times in different places.
  13. Propex changed their units to stop the issue from happening.
    So it's not in the manual.

    I wonder if they cured the issue by just leaving out the fuse!
  14. Im not sure the instructions stated this but i have read this somewhere and wouldnt have done this. That said i may know what did happen but not entirely sure. The override switch is fitted with a neon which id just connect to the chassis. I didnt notice when i took it out but its very possible that the terminal touched the control wire. I may never know.
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  15. Mines a whale and a couple of years old.

    Anyway I now know that it is possible to move the outlet/inlet through 90 degrees with reasonable ease ( ie some tinbashing) should i decide to fit it into the van heating system.
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    Yeah, it's a shame they don't provide knock-outs or a removable plate/gasket so people would have the option. I bet they'd sell a few more units if the port placements on these big jobbies were more versatile.
  17. Dont think whale are bothered. They are more interested in sales to caravan manufacturers. Propex are the boys to take this on i reckon. As for the fuse..... Would be pretty simple to mod that to fit in an externally accessible fuseholder.
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    Yes it would, but then we've all seen the pictures of the bay install Propex are proud to post on their site. A shame really coz. they've got a really loyal and vocal customer base and their after service is really quite good.
  19. If and when i do it i shall come up with a waterproof connection as well!

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