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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chrisd, Jan 5, 2024.

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    Glad you've caught this early Dave.
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  2. Hoping, all goes well with the treatment Dave.
    As you rightly state, a PSA test is better than no test at all

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    hope you’re feeling better x
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    Thanks Alex, I had a retest earlier this month and it's down to 3.5 which I'm told is in the normal range for my age. It's still enlarged but shouldn't be a problem.
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    that’s great x
  6. Thought I'd jump into this one. I had a PSA test done recently following the usual occasional slower flow and more frequent visit issues most of us get after 50. Pleased to report it came back fine and I've just got the usual age related prostate wear and tear. Also did the "turd" test I got sent through the post for bowel cancer, that came back clear as well.

    But something else we all need to get checked is cholesterol! No one seems to actively promote testing for this, or talk about it very much, (I suspect they dare not as it's an an unknown epidemic due to crappy diets!) but it'll drop you dead like a fly from a massive heart attack if it gets out of hand.

    So I pro-actively requested a test 2 months ago, it came back at 8 for LDL cholesterol, massive risk of killing me over the next 5 to 10 years and there's no symptoms at all until the heart attack... So please, everybody get it checked out!

    I immediately changed my diet entirely, (which had become pretty bad, eating takeaways, crisps, chocolate, ice cream, all the nice stuff all the time) to my wife's very healthy diet, full of fruit and veg, no junk at all. (It's pretty grim to be honest, but much better than being dead early!) Along with this the Doc. put me on a 40mg statin dose to help pull it back down.

    Got the results of my 2 month blood test back now and... 4.2 LDL, great result, so I'll keep the changed eating habits and half the statin to a maintenance dose for now and we'll see how it looks again in 2 months.

    Again, the point is this is easy to deal with if you know about it. If you don't it may well just kill you.

    Get a blood test for Cholesterol everyone!
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  7. Sorry to hear this fella I wish you a speedy recovery
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  8. Very good advice. I knew nothing until a heart attack resulted in me having 4 stents. On 80mg statins now, plus other stuff. My cholesterol is about 3 :thumbsup:
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  9. It may not be that straight forward.. o_O

    Apparently plenty of people have high cholesterol and don't have heart Atacks,

    Google cholesterol myth. ;)

    Red meat, eggs and natural animal and plant fats are very healing to the human body..

    Highly processed foods have a lot to answer for..

    Heart disease is much higher, now than in the 60s dispite the low fat diets promoted

    Most people switching to a carnivore diet have great medical stats,
    cured conditions and lost vast amounts of fat.. :confused:

    Heart disease, obesity and dementia are now being linked to sugar, seed oils and a sedentary lifestyle..

    Dementia is also known as type 3 obesity... :eek:
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    It really is a very complex area.
    As previously stated I am now receiving hormone and radiotherapy treatment . ( minor issues but not a problem)
    I never had , and still do not have “ any of the usual symptoms “. Had I had them then I hope I would have sought an opinion ( not on here :D) .
    I was fortunate It was on an annual review, I was told my cholesterol was high so put on statens, but then the prostate investigation began.
    I am 67 never really visited my GP. It was only by chance that I was put on thyroxin for a thyroid condition.
    Never felt ill never had problems…..I was / am grateful that my problem was picked up.
    Motto……even if you have no symptoms and can pee as high as your shoulder…if you are 50 get checked as a base point :)
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  11. It never is...

    And plenty more people with high bad (LDL) cholesterol causing blocked arteries do have heart attacks and strokes as a result!

    Varied, healthy, diet is what matters more than low fat, saturated fats are the main issue. I agree ultra processed crap is really is killing most people early now.

    Don't know much about the carnivore diet, but sounds like a recipe for bowel cancer to me, I minimise red meat. Eat lots of chicken, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses, though. I also lost and keep off a lot of weight by limiting my eating hours to between 12 noon and 8pm as well. Works well for me as I'm not a morning person, so breakfast never interested me much anyway!

    I do miss crap like McDonalds, KFC, etc, loved the addictive taste of that stuff, but I'm never going near it anymore, life matters more to me than taste lol!

    Palm oils, corn starch, and sugars are indeed terrible, we agree on that one. I find the amount of coke and such crap people consume is shocking, no wonder so many have Diabetes. The diet stuff without sugar is truly terrible for health as well.
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  12. Chrisd

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    Without getting into a protracted discussion about the various diets that are good or bad, I am puzzled about the comments above regarding seed oils. Afaik, the internet issues about seed oils was debunked a couple of years ago. By themselves they are not, afaik major bad guys and I undery they can have health benefits if consumed normally.
  13. Energy drink consumption is also scary.. :eek:
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    I taught a class of 16-18 year olds who were not allowed to drink energy drinks in school. I’d just come from living in Spain and didn’t really know what all these drinks were - apart from Red Bull. One boy was only 16 and already had heart problems due to the amount he consumed. Mental. It also seems to be the drink that is being pushed in shops and petrol stations.

    I don’t drink it as even caffeinated coffee can make my heart race!
  15. I had a mate hooked on red bull,
    it was "bogof" in the petrol station so he got 4 each time,
    He had proper withdrawal symptoms getting off it,
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  16. A girl in the supermarket in front of me was buying 4 large monster drinks..
    nothing else,
    She was probably 19..:(
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  17. Zed

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    I had a can of redbull once driving to Cornwall in the early hours to avoid traffic. It worked a treat, very smooth, no caffeine type shakiness. Never had one since though, it's too obviously addictive even if it's just avoiding having to readjust if you stopped drinking it.
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    I used to drink gallons of red bull.. it got to the point were it would give me about ten mins of feeling reasonably ok, then 4 hours of sweaty, sleepy, jittery, anxiety o_O :lol:

    Evil stuff if you abuse it

    Nowadays I find the key to not feeling (too) tired, is to not go out on the sauce every night.

    Who knew.
  19. Faust

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  20. Faust

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    I think a balance diet of everything is the best way to go .
    Fast foods deffo danger zone if that is all you have . Pizza , Mc Donalds , KFC , Berger king , Dominoes .
    You can stick um up your .... and they fill up trash bins in 5 mins flat with all the cardboard waist and end up leaving a pile of trash dumped at the side and blowing in the wind .
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