Red Lion pub East Kirkby (Next to aviation heritage centre)

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  1. Cracking spot for camping...massive flat field, hook up if you need it. Toilets, showers, water,
    All at the back of a very 'olde worlde' country pub!
    It's an experience in itself going for a pint... Tom, his son Dan and other family members will make you welcome. Food is good, beer is good.
    Camping is from £8 per night (per van) and it's a very peaceful site.
    It's also 2 mins down the road from Revesby Hall, so good for an extra night after Skegvegas.
    I have no connection to the place, just enjoyed camping here and thought I would share.!
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  3. Incredibly badly photoshopped pic! Large L shaped field that borders the caravan club site next door. At the bottom end you can wander around the old 'peri' track of the airfield, and there's even one of the old dispersal points still there....local farmer stores his turnips on it!
    This little beauty lives next door.....
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  4. That looks worth a visit :thumbsup:
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    It does and like Bobdogs says it's great for a night before or after Skegvegas which is just 2 miles down the road at Revesby hall, and that is also really nice, one of the very few and best shows we do
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  6. Can see a long weekend down there in July when I'm back on the road :)
    Could take the landmark as there a pub next door.
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    It surprised me Dave how nice an area The Lincolnshire Wolds is, We did have a big turn out a few years back at Skegvegas
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    TLB goes to the Pub :cheers:
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  9. For a change :)
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  10. Plus I'll have 2 chances to make destinations then :)
  11. There's a crowd of us going here for New Years Eve if anyone fancies a spot of winter camping!!
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  12. Club camp in the spring @The Bobdogs ? Get some of these bays out camping:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  13. MorkC68

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    We'd be up for it, date depending :thumbsup:
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  14. I will get something sorted come spring, would be good to meet some of you and if you don't come I will be more than happy there on our own with abit of Lancaster action and some Batemans ale:thumbsup:
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