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    The only issue I could see is the angle of the screen when in the fully open position. It may hit the top of the top of the dash unless you can set the entire unit forward or adjust the angle it finishes at.
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  2. We've got two of these.

    Item 1,
    Screen is a manual fold out, sat nav is Marmitee, but works.
    Bluetooth is great, sound is fine.
    Sometimes crashes but popping the wires out or a reset sorts it.
    We've a button on the dash that once pressed, the screen turns to the reverse camera, which is a good quality image, even when dark, but not pitch black.

    Item 2,
    Screen is electric fold out. wait 10 seconds and it folds it's self away due to the shape of the dash. We've found a setting that means you press a button on the stereo so it doesn't fold away, so that's decent.
    Sound is good. Haven't tried the sat nav yet on that one.
    The screen folds out for the reverse camera automatically, which is nice, if you remember to touch the button to keep it up, or annoying if you don't need it at all.
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  3. Did you investigate DIN chassis adapters to change the angle of the stereo?

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  4. Good price! (Unbelievable price?) Don't think that one includes maps or the reversing camera, but they are available separately. Was thinking that, if I could mount it facing slightly downwards, then this would reduce glare and remedy it self-retracting when it hits the dash lip. However can't find a suitable angled DIN chassis so far.

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  5. Wonder if a phone can be link so the screen shows what’s on the phone screen? Then just use the phone for the sat nav but benefit from the larger screen
  6. "Mirror link function: The car player can mirror link with Android phone by USB cable,
    You can touch the car player screen to control your phone.(Audio signal will be transported by BT)"

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  7. I've messaged to ask if there's a way to mirror an iphone.
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    Usually the answer is no, Apple make their fans pay extra for toys by insisting on a special security chip in the Bluetooth peripheral.
    So unless the product is expensive its not worth them fitting the chip.
    Its why Android is better for people with less money ...
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  9. Well they haven’t replied so it certainly looks like the answer is no
  10. Another reason to disentangle oneself from the Apple ecosystem/matrix

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