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  1. so assuming I leave the drop spindles (60mm), and can narrow the tracking so the wheels clear the lip of the arch, what's the max tyre profile you can run?
  2. That’s one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions unfortunately. Depends on how stiff your beam springs are after 40+ years, how firm the dampers are and how much weight on the front axle..

    The tyres I suggested will give you more room and are correct rating for a bus, might give you more clearance than you need but might not, only way to know is to try. If you still have issues then another option might be to look at how / when the bump stops come into play, presuming you still have them.

    fwiw I run 185/55 16 front tyres on mine - 8cm narrow beam, dropped spindles, custom arb, custom bump stops. It’s not slammed but it’s about 6-8” lower than a stock bay.
  3. [​IMG]

    Me (Savannah Beige) and @Huyrob (Lotus White) from us meeting up last year.

    Winnie’s down about 2” running Nexen CT8 195/70/15 all round on wide 5’s, great tyres.

    Speedo is as close as it’s gonna get, no rubbing on arches, just slight rub on sway bar on full lock.

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  4. 8 inches isn't slammed :shock: Or should that be cm :)
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  5. Matty your Winnie looks nice. Is that on drop spindles or a narrowed beam?

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