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  1. You might have seen we are thinking about supplying a roadside toolkit and part of that process was creating the list.

    So for anyone who is interested, here is the roadside toolkit list for a VW air-cooled vehicle.

    There is also a downloadable PDF checklist, you can get it from the same link.
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  2. How about another list of spare parts? Clutch cable, accelerator cable, fan belt, bulb kit, lengths of wire, crimp connectors, cable ties, insulating tape, duct tape, oil, spark plugs, fuses, brake fluid, points & condensor (if you dont have electronic ignition), safety items: warning triangle, hi vis vest, first aid kit, fire extinguisher. anything else?
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    Breathalyser if you’re going to France in the summer.
  5. Printed off and ready to get Matt to compare to what he already has in Daisy-Mae!!!

    Is there a link to this off your homepage so that those not directed to it from here / FB / Twitter could find it?

    Spares and safety list would be good too when you do them.
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  7. Add Cable Ties - yet to find a problem that can't be sorted with them!!
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  8. I have never used a spanner or socket size 16 on any air-cooled for anything. I do however carry a 36mm socket, but what you'll need that for is most likely no longer "roadside repair"
  10. I made a bucket seat for Tilly especially to carry spares and tools, I think it should have been double the size looking at the list.
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  12. Trailer for all the stuff.
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  14. I've got a few updates to make to this, I've had a couple of good suggestions.
  15. We're getting asked for this again at the workshop and I direct them here.
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    After reading that list not much space left for passengers - there must be a better way like adjustable spanner etc.

    Surely that list could be condensed down quite a bit to real roadside repairs, I once needed a hacksaw, which I keep, used it to cut a bit of hose off as it had split.
  17. Thanks Razzyh, a hacksaw blade isn't a bad idea to add.

    You'd be surprised how little space most of that would take up. Apart from the jack, jump leads, tyre weld, spare wheel and pump (not all of which you need), it will fit in a tool box about 12"x5"x5" with space to spare.

    You could replace the spanners with an adjustable but they are a P in the A, especially if you're struggling in the cold or wet.
  18. And of course a means of illumination (torch?)and working batteries
  19. Fuel pump with stroker arm. Only small. Easy to change. Mine packed in on m25 last week. 15.00hrs sat. A A picked us up after an hour. Left us at a service station. Till 22.00hrs. Till available yellow lorry could get us home. Got home 2.45am:(
  20. Great post on tools

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