Roofrack with a low hight for entering door

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  1. Screenshot_20240316_223401_Marktplaats.jpg 20240315_164400.jpg Hi everyone,

    I have a t2b, and would like to buy a roofrack. Because of the height of the door, I can only go as high as 2.02 m. I measured from the highest point of the bus too the door, i would feel comfortable with not more than 10 cm of to have this space for the roofrack.
    De bus is lowered, and at the back from the ground to the rain gutter is 1.75 m.

    10 cm is very tight, that I understand. I saw a roofrack (see picture), although I think this still would be to high, It could be chopped to lower the height.

    Has anyone had this decision to make before? Suggestions are welcome .
    Does anyone know where to buy this roofrack in the Netherlands or Germany perhaps?

    Kind regards,
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  3. Hi,

    Yes that would be the right roofrack.
    A supplier closer to home I tried to find, thusfar no luck.
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    NLA may well ship to the Netherlands, worth asking them!
  5. Hello Sjoerd,

    beside roof racks, have you ever thought about rear racks - e.g. based on bicycle racks, whether on the trailer hitch or on the tailgate...
    Or a trailer?

    What about a DIY roof rack?
    My issue was not the height. I wasn't satisfied with the standard models because I needed a robust model with 1/3 length that I could stand on with my own weight while packing or to make photos from top.
    Old standard feet parts and old side rails were used for this, the rest is massively self-made. So it looks like a classic one, but as robust and somehow low as possible for my use case.
    But I built my garage door with 2.5m for the pop top roof and to use the rack with a 120L box on top and CB antenna at the roof end.


    Good luck and best regards,
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  6. Hello,

    Your selfmade roofrack looks indeed very classic and robust. I desided to go for the roofrack nlavw(see the link above). That is the startingpoint. From there i will most likely take the angle grinder/flex, and shorten the upper part of the rails on top. And keeping in mind that this adjustment needs to be strengthnend by adding a connection on another position.
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