Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Oct 17, 2015.

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    To be honest there's little point. They do get deep cleaned and wire wheeled. Blasting causes issues of contamination and damage to sealing and bearing surfaces and is costly to have it done so that doesn't happen!

    All I'm doing really is trying to prevent corrosion getting worse and that's a real problem with mag ally. That's why spending daft money on case prep and painting is not long term sensible. Waxoyl or similar will probably do a better job as it moves as the cases expand and contract.
    Sooooo. Short answer...remove all the oily crud, prepare the surfaces and remove loose crap, zinc paint then wax treat and wax spray every couple of years after....
    It's a tatty old gearbox after all...

    Incidentally, bus boxes are far more robust than T3 cases generally. Except the very late heavy aluminium cases which hardly corrode at all. Cost engineering again:rolleyes:
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  2. CollyP

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    The mighty Hampton and Richmond borough Fc.
    Third round FA qualie
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    Nice non league footie :thumbsup:
    Sadly the not-so-mighty-these-days Salisbury got knocked out at the 2nd QR to Oxford City a couple of weeks ago :(
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  4. CollyP

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    Hampton got through qualifying last year - hoping for the same this year.
    Great little stadium just a ten minute walk from home.

    And you’re allowed beer in the stands.
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  5. theBusmonkey

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    It's a boy!

    Actually, no....its twins :eek:

    :D massive, massive thanks to @pkrboo for a huge helping hand or three.
    We swapped the gearboxes out in George Doka and he's all ready to come out of storage for winter duties...
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  6. 6586EDA5-053C-43E9-8FD5-72505F717B40.jpeg .
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  7. Why doesn’t that show as a full picture?
  8. The chap that bought my Nevada bus has finished it. FB_IMG_1664639013022.jpg
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  9. Betty the Bay

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    Had my cataract op yesterday .... sons 'get well soon ' gift.[​IMG]

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  10. CollyP

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    17 20kg bags. I’m knackered.
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  11. Arlo my inlaws new dog. 13 month old Labrador.
    2022-10-01 12.45.24.JPG
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  12. Faust

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    Are they old Stoke on Trent Minton tiles on the path ...nice patterning ..Victorian era house Coll ?
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  13. You've done an honest day's graft!
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  14. How did it go? Not too scary? Got a family member having the same next month.
  15. CollyP

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    Yes mate. Others have had new paths done but I want to fix / replace the missing tiles and keep it original.
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    I've used my 'mod' super powers for you :)
    I think you have to choose 'full image' or 'thumbnail' when you upload a photo, or else it defaults to thumbnail.
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  17. Cheers Sarah
    Hopefully this works
    I spotted this bay yesterday EA8275A1-A7EA-4E1B-B0F0-FDD5F6CE4D35.jpeg
  18. Yay sorted:thumbsup:
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  19. Betty the Bay

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    I was really nervous....the operation took all of 10 minutes....that was 10 minutes of the surgeon shouting at me to relax and stay still.
    Didn't feel anything other than what felt like a constant flow of water over my eye.
    36 hours on, no pain and can't believe how clear my sight is.
  20. Meltman

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    Where did you have it done, I might be having to have one in the not too distant future?

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