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  1. We are heading from Northampton up to the Wirral in August and would love to stop at the east side of the Shropshire hills for lunch on the way up! Does anybody know of a nice place to stop with views and toilets where we can have a picnic in the van and perhaps go for a nice walk for an hour?
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. How about Much Wenlock just of the A458 north west of Bridgnorth in the Shrewsbury direction .Are you staying on the Wirral ?
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    Much Wenlock is a lovely town, we went there a couple of weeks ago when touring round Shropshire. I only drove there because I liked the name.
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  5. Thanks very much guys Much Wenlock it is then :)
  6. We are staying near Hoylake! With some friends :)
  7. Give us a wave when passing chester [​IMG]
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