Small Batch Camp Site on The LongMynd Nr Church Stretton

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  1. Just back from a weekend away staying at Small Batch camp site in little stretton, a small village just outside of church stretton. the camp site itself is lovely & flat set at the base of the long mynd. toilets & showers are clean with hot water at no extra cost & there is also a separate area for washing up. we paid £18 a night for 2 of us in a van with awning & electric hook up which i thought was reasonable as the pitches are level & a decent size. the camp site is also children & pet friendly.

    there's a couple of nice pubs in the village a 2 minute walk from the camp site and a small convenience store, or alternatively church stretton is a 5 min drive or 20 min walk away.

    here's a link to their website with more information.

    i hope you find this useful,


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  6. Been camping at this site every summer since I was a kid with mates... became a kinda tradition... great little campsite... The Green Dragon pub nearby also has some mad cider, called cellar cider, which tastes like pop and doesn't seem to be doing anything 'til you stand up!!! I've fell in the bushes on a few occasions outside ...
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