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Discussion in 'Can Cook, Will Cook' started by art b, Feb 27, 2023.

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    My mum won’t eat olive oil because it’s too spicy and gives her stomach jip :rolleyes:

    I like spicy food, so long as it’s done for flavour and not just to be hot!
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    Love it!
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    No I am not! Anything even remotely spicy burns my tummy and results in acid burny sleepless nights!

    Also the shortage of Pepto Bismol in the uk has meant I had to ask my lovely sister to bring me some back from her holiday in the US of A!

    @bernjb56 why is their a shortage? Can you make me some please? :)
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    I love food with spices and I also love quite hot food. In an Indian restaurant I usually ignore any food that doesn't have at least one or preferably two chilli pepper ️️ warnings. My wife and I love a chilli omelette for breakfast and lime pickle....is heaven served on a plate :cool::food:
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    I don't mind something that has a bit of a kick, but I tend to avoid the ones where you have to put a loo roll in the fridge the night before!!:eek:
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  10. Deffo - think Pakistani transport caff :thumbsup:

    Rough as .... which upsets a few expecting better but you go there for the food which speaks for itself ...

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  11. It should be the main attraction.

    We go to a Chinese in oxford thats similar,
    The wash up at the counter where you pay..
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    I read somewhere that bowel cancer is quite low in some of the Latin Americas ...they were linking it to fact that they eat a lot of chilli dishes . They even shake chilli powder on there bananas . Also bowel cancer is quite low in the Indian community . So Art B, keeeeeeeep burning .
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  13. Had a test last year... :thumbsup:
    No bowel cancer here.. :)

    Wheres that Nandos... :food:
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    Same here :thumbsup:
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    Apparently haemorrhoids are a side effect!!
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    Well you can always push um back up ...unless they are six o clock ones :eek:
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  17. Maybe not...

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  18. He got an orrhoid! You get an orrhoid, you're a scientist!"

    And better qualified than 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of people on facebook on any subject.
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    Im lucky my Daughter in Law is South Korean and is a wonderful cook , they use a lot of hot chilli in their food spicy pork belly is to die for
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