Steering Coupling replacement

Discussion in 'How To' started by AndyC, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Tried to search on here, but no luck.
    Also, not in the Bentley manual.

    How do you replace the steering coupling?

    If people can give me an idea, I'll write a proper "How To" when I do it.
    Unless there already is a "How To".
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    Step 1. Try and buy a decent one!
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  3. inside the van
    unscrew 2 screws holding cover
    undo 4 nuts and bolts and remove coupling
  4. Oh.
    Sound simple enough!
    Probably why it's not in the manual.
  5. Thats the best joke of the day :pdidn't think they were available anymore :thinking:
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  6. I've bought an allegedly "Genuine VW" one from C&C.

    Let the fun begin!
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  7. Flakey

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    Don't forget the earth wire
  8. nope it is not a genuine one
  9. Replaced this afternoon. Sure I read somewhere it's a 10 minute job! Is it heck?!! Maybe if you're Mr Tickle!

    Took an hour to do coupling and damper. Damper seemed OK but bushes were worn and it looked old, so replaced anyway. Coupling wasn't particularly cracked or perished, but very bendy. Replaced also.
  10. Oh, and I didn't really pay much attention? But does the earth wire go from the top of one bolt to under the nut of the next one?
  11. Down the middle, out the bottom and on to a steering box side coupler bolt.
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  12. yes
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  13. does it drive any better now?
  14. I got my nice friendly neighbour to help me do the coupling nuts and bolts and washers as its a bit fiddly with old hands. Much easier with one in the cab and the other under the van.

    I did the drag link and damper as well and the steering is much improved.
  15. Not driven it yet. :lol:
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  16. Actually, steering coupling was quite cracked. And pretty bendy. But only cracked on one side.



  17. Looking at your top pic it's easy to imagine a lot of twisting flex has been going on between each set of diagonal holes. I bet the steering will feel firmer particularly in the wind.
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  18. Here's hoping!
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  19. Just bought one so hopefully it'll go on as easily as it sounds.

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  20. Did you get a genuine one ?

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