Syncro - let’s off-road!

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  1. While that dancing programme is on I thought I’d start a thread to put all my Syncro related waffle in - save the general board.


    It’s had a 2.0VW AGG out of a MK3 golf GTI after the old 1.6TD kept giving problems an goes quite well - I think at least not having driven a T3 before.

    Looks quite tidy from a few paces but as always there’s a few crusty bits.





  2. Envious, saw one on eBay converted to a Westy, with the 2.1 injection...must resist
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  3. Gonna have a M&S curry now. Yum yum
  4. Buy it!!
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  5. You're a very bad man....
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    This is why you’re BS3 and I’m BS4...
  7. Straight into the bodyshop as the B pillar and cab step needs works for the MOT.

    So they crack on.



    Bearing in mind the brief isn’t to restore this as it will be a waste of paint when it ends up on its side in a ditch the first time I try and drive through a muddy puddle but more to get in on the road for now.

    The O/S cab step is in need of work too.
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  8. Quinoa Jalfrezi - parp
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  10. Yeah, nice innit, timing not right, at the mo.

    Is it going to the dark side, admitting you want a Synro, I mean?
  11. Oh dear, have a word
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  12. Nah t3's are the future[​IMG]
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  13. Darkside/lightside.

    I’m thinking of it more as going to the west side
  14. Live action shots...



    And a touch of cab step micro surgery.

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  15. Big money I’ve seen same advert.

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  16. More stuff going on.

    cab step - less rust more step.

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  17. Some primer


    Then off road!!!!


    Well - shove it up the back passage until it gets to MOT time.
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