The Engine Shop (TES) Silver Re-Con Engine (1600 TP)

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  1. Before I start, I'd like to make clear that I am in no way associated with (other than being a customer) The Engine Shop and this review is purely my experience of the replacement engine that I purchased from them.

    As it is coming up to 2000 miles on my replacement re-conditioned engine that I purchased from TES in June last year, I thought that other members of TLB would like to know how I have been getting on with it.

    My old engine, that was in the van when I purchased it in Dec 15, was not in good condition and was leaking a lot of oil that I discovered to be mostly due to the head studs on No's 1 & 2 cylinders pulling out of the crank case.

    I attempted to re-thread the stud holes but it didn't work so I decided to bite the bullet and go for a re-con long block.

    I read a lot of reviews of different engine suppliers and figured that none of them seemed perfect and it was very much a case of taking a chance and hoping for the best!

    As TES is fairly local to me, I decided to go for their basic Silver engine and duly phoned them to order one which they said would be about 3-4 weeks as they built them to order.

    Sure enough, after about 4 weeks, they phoned to say my engine was ready so I loaded my old engine into the back of the car and made the journey across the QE2 bridge to collect it.

    On arrival at their premises I was greeted by the guys and shown my new engine, all wrapped up in cling wrap and looking good, and given advice on running in and servicing etc.

    I then made my way back home to fit it.

    I purchased a new fuel pump, oil cooler and exhaust and re-used the other parts from the old engine.


    After re-fitting the engine, she started first time and I set the timing with my strobe and adjusted the carb to get it running sweetly and then took the van on a small trip to Mersea Island just to check it out.

    The only thing I noticed was a small weep of oil coming from the oil pump cover and she seemed difficult to start when cold. That turned out to be me setting the timing wrong and far too advanced! Luckily I noticed fairly quickly so I hoped there was no lasting damage to the engine!

    After 500 miles, I changed the oil and strainer and there was a little bit of crud, but nothing that worried me, and re-set the tappets. I was surprised that I hadn't had to top up the oil at all in that time!

    I did a few more trips, including this year a 500 mile tour around the New Forest, Dorset and West Sussex and I recently changed the oil again, this time with no crud at all!

    So, to sum up, I'm really pleased with the engine, it still uses hardly any oil and is good for sustained 60mph on A roads and Motorways, although the fuel consumption at 60 seems a lot more that 55! There are no major oil leaks and everything seems to be tight and working as it should. WP_20171003_14_39_22_Pro.jpg
    I haven't had to contact TES so I can't review their customer service and, although I am happy with my engine, I don't want people to think that I am recommending them. If you need a new engine, I'm afraid you'll have to choose yourself!
  2. Good to hear :)
    I also bought one of their silver engines waaaay back when they were under £600. I destroyed it being an idiot, and TES were very good. Took it back, fixed it, sent it back to me.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again- 90% of complaints about engine manufacturers are because the owner didn't tune it properly, or missed vital parts such as cooling flaps/tinware. Take negative reviews with a pinch of salt.
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  3. I guess so.

    They seemed very knowledgeable and very thorough with their instructions to me. They also said if I had any problems or needed advice to just give them a call.:)
  4. Nice dry engine, with the push rod tubes going rusty!
    I think you need to invest in a handful of new screws/nuts, to attach your tin ware a bit better.
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  5. Don't quite know why the tubes are going rusty, I hardly ever use it in the rain!

    As for the screws/nuts, I already have some new ones but haven't got round to doing them yet, been too busy camping this year!:thumbsup:
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    Because there is no oil on them ...Rare
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  7. Can I suggest putting some 20w50 (other oil grades are available) in a spray bottle, and then spraying the underside of the engine. Just for that authentic VW effect :)
  8. :D:thumbsup:

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