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  1. Finally got around to taking some pics of the 'odd shaped cushion'! Here it is right in the front of the top where its always been. Then out on the bed, and finally in the position @Zed suggests it was meant to be used. Never thought of using it there, so still learning after 50yrs of use! DSC_7414.JPG DSC_7415.JPG DSC_7415.JPG DSC_7416.JPG
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  2. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    When you said you used it at the front I thought hmm yeah maybe that's right.
    Can you get up there, shut the flap , then bung the cushion in and take a photo? :thumbsup:
  3. The Van is back in the garage now Zed, but weather permitting it'll be out again during the week and I'll try to get a shot as you suggest, bearing in mind that once I heave myself up there, I might end up there permanently given that I'm not a sprightly as I was!!
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  4. VW manual extract a.jpg
    Hi @Zed 'fraid I've still not had an opportunity to pop up and take a photo of the cushion in place, but I thought you'd be interested in the relevant page from the Camping equipment manual for the Continental. It shows the thin cushion placed at the far end when rigged for sleeping.
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  5. Ah, that elevated bed. Bar and I bought our Westy from a VW dealership near Oxford, where it had been exchanged for a more modern vehicle. The bus was parked in a corner of the back yard when we spotted it, and a very smart and be-suited young salesman showed us round it.
    He certainly struggled to raise the heavy lid and was much relieved when he pressed the supporting struts into place.
    Bar and I sat on the rear seat as the salesman "showed us round" although it was quite obvious he was a stranger to the Westy.
    At the close of the tour he closed all the cupboard doors and then quite casually pulled the hinged central roof supports towards him in order to lower the roof.
    Well, that worked then; one moment he was upright and a second later was a crumpled heap with a sore head on the floor!

    We decided to buy the bus (the first of just two during the 40+ years of VW ownership) and were advised it would be ready for collection the following week.
    A pair of swing-doors led from the ultra-smart reception area into the workshop and upon our arrival the same salesman greeted us with his oily professional charm fully racked up.
    "Please take a seat whilst I check your vehicle's servicing and valeting has been completed to our usual highest standards," he said as he pushed through the swing doors.
    Unfortunately for him, one of 'em remained open and we clearly heard him - posh accent vanished - yell " 'Arry, is that blue and white f**k truck ready yet?" Happy days . . .
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