The Withies. Much Wenlock.

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  1. Originally booked in for one night but stayed for two. Partly due to the campsite owner in Ludlow being up their own harris and insisting we needed a level pitch as we were in a 'motorhome' tuesday_wildchild But mainly due to the site we were on being laid back and a short walk into Much Wenlock. £12 a night. Only had portaloos and a indoor/outdoor shower but all clean etc. Spotless in fact. Not very level. We camped at the top of the field as there was a road passing by the field at the bottom. Had a yurt and an old railway carriage to camp in if that's your thing.. Fire pits and wood were also available. Here's some photo's of the site and Much Wenlock and priory. Great site. We will be going back in September when we do a little tour of Shropshire and Wales.

    van10.jpg van11.jpg van2.JPG van3.JPG van4.jpg van5.jpg van7.jpg van8.jpg van9.JPG

    van2.JPG van3.JPG van4.jpg van5.jpg van7.jpg van8.jpg van9.JPG
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  2. I don't know how I uploaded images twice. Sorry.
  3. Looks a lovely and peaceful location and site :thumbsup:
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  5. Wow what a beautiful place! :thumbsup:
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  6. Some good pubs. Recommend The George and Dragon. Also a good curry house :thumbsup::beer:

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